Thursday, July 5, 2007

Pac-10 Competition

The poll results are in...

We asked which team has the best chance of finishing second in the Pac-10 and we have a tie! Oregon and Berkeley tied for the top spot, each collecting 34% of the votes. Here are the results:

1) Oregon 34%
1) UCB 34%

3) Oregon St. 12%
4) Arizona 11%
5) Washington St. 6%
6) Arizona St. 4%

Berkeley will return some key offensive weapons on in Justin Forskin and DeSean "You Shouldn't Talk Shit Before The Game" Jackson. The Bears will also start the season with experience at the QB position with Nate Not-So-Longshore. However the Bears will need to replace two All-Americans on the defensive side of the ball. Junior tailback Jonathon Stewart should keep the Oregon offense running smoothly. However they will need to find some consistency at quarterback.

The tie breaker is going to have to come down to their schedules. Cal has a pretty weak non-conference schedule as does Oregon with the exception of one "tough" game @ Michigan. Both teams play USC at home, not that it matters. So the edge has to go to Oregon since they play Berkeley at home after a relaxing game against Stanford.

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1 comment:

Joey said...

Cal has a tough OOC game at home against Tennessee. As much as I think Fulmer and the Vols suck these days, I hope that Cal levels Tennessee so the SEC can shut their mouth. Even if its just temporary for say, a week perhaps. Oregon is gonna be a sleeper this year because Stewart can be a beast when he's in the zone. But like you said, not that it matters, especially when Rey is in the zone as well.