Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Nick Young Explodes in Second Game

After a shaky performance in his first professional game, shooting only 3-14, Nick Young exploded in his second outing against the Detroit Pistons Wednesday afternoon. Young led his team in scoring putting up 20 points, shooting 50% from the floor and 100% from the free throw line.

Young threw down some sick dunks in this game. One of which included the posterization of Detroit's center, 7'1" Cheikh Samb (If only I knew how to transfer video from a DVR to a PC). I thoroughly enjoyed watching Young take Arron Afflalo, Detroit's second first round draft pick and Abercrombie poster boy, off the dribble to hit the running jumper.

Unfortunately for Young and the Wizards the Pistons exploded in the 4th quarter, outscoring the Wizards 35-13, winning the game 84-70.

I'm looking forward to Young teaming with Gilbert Arenas and Caron Butler and wish him the best of luck in his rookie season.

Fight On!

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Joey said...

You mean Arron Awful-O?? That guy sucks. Its too bad UCLA's Final Four banners don't have the scores of those games on them. Retards.

While I love Nick young and his ridiculous game, its too bad he won't be lighting it up with Gilbert Arenas after next season, since he already has decided to explore free agency after next season. I doubt he'll be back in D.C.