Sunday, July 1, 2007

Can 34 Make a Difference for the Celtics?

Last season the Celtics finished with the second worst record in the league going 24-58, losing 34 more games than they won. One major factor contributing to the Celtics horrible season was the injury status of #34, the Celtics all-star guard Paul Pierce. Without their superstar the Celtics couldn't get into a rhythm the entire season and they appeared destined to get one of the top picks in the upcoming draft. After some unfortunate ping pong bounces the Celtics ended up with the 5th overall pick in the draft, missing out on two phenomenal players in Greg Oden and Kevin Durant.

Through all the disappointment Celtics Executive Director of Basketball Operations, Danny Ainge, managed to pull off some draft day magic by arranging a trade for another #34, Seattle Supersoncis guard Ray Allen. Allen is one of the premier shooters in the league, scoring a career-best 26.4 PPG last season, sixth best in the NBA. The Celtics also added another #34 when they drafted Trojan point guard Gabe Pruitt with their second pick in the second round. Pruitt is a very gifted athlete who plays tough defense and has a very smooth jump shot with NBA 3-point range.

With a healthy Paul Pierce, the continued improvement of Al Jefferson and Gerald Green, and the addition of Ray Allen and Gabe Pruitt should give the Celtics the necessary personnel to compete in the Eastern Conference and make a run in the 2008 Playoffs.

USC Sports Talk wishes Gabe Pruitt the best of luck in his NBA Career.



Joey said...

Ray Allen is shitty these days. I don't consider him a good pick-up at all. He is coming off 2 ankle surgeries and doesn't have the athleticism he once did. You know, the Jesus Shuttlesworth athleticism. Yeah, Allen's got the purest jumpshot in the game, but what good does it do if you aren't quick enough to get open or stop and elveate on a dime.

Danny Ainge doesn't know the first thing about doing magic, if you don't count the magic #1 draft pick he didn't get the Celtics. But he did get a good pick with Pruitt. The kid may not have grades, but he's got game.


PCbestever said...

who's going to make the Celtics better this year ray allen or jeff green? If you miss out players like oden and durant, players that you can build a franchise around, then you might as well go after guys that can help you win now.

he looks pretty athletic here, putting up 54 points against the Jazz