Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Art of Dogfighting

While Americans are caught up in new trends, such as DLP TV's, hybrid vehicles, and reality TV, there is a sport that many don't know about- Dog Fighting. Occurring historically across many cultures in many countries, this sport has been around for quite some time. And yes, dogs are more than just petting objects or intimidators. This entertaining bloodsport pits 2 tough (usually bred) dogs against each other in a survival match. Here are some facts and useful info on this emerging activity:

Technical Training: Like any athlete should know, victory doesn't find its way to your doorstep. You gotta earn it.

Treadmill- Pretty self explanatory. Dogs are placed on treadmills to build cardiovascular endurance and stamina.
Springpole- A large pole with a spring is attached to a tire or object so the animals can jump and dangle for periods of time. This helps to train jaw muscles and back leg strength.
Chain Training- Heavy chains are worn around the necks to build neck strength. Pretty simple technique. Dogs sometimes "jog" with weight on.
Bait Training- Animals or bait, are tied up while the dogs are allowed to rip them to shreds. This live mauling allows the dogs to build aggression and train for live attacks. Pretty amazing technique I might add. It also tends to build jaw strength and build confidence. In basketball, we all know getting to the free throw line can help shake a bad slump and build some confidence. Same technique applied here.
Drugs/ Supplements- Like humans, these dogs train properly with necessary vitamins and supplements taken orally or intravenously. A dog needs every edge he can get.

Game Training: They are now ready for the next step- scrimmaging.

Once these techniques are applied, dogs are further trained by owners pitting them against experienced dogs, where they are trained to lunge at other dogs through controlled brawling, or fights where dogs will not be seriously injured. This training is very similar to sparring, as boxers train. Once dogs are properly trained, they are unleashed against "veteran" dogs where their "GAMENESS" is observed. This "gameness" is a measure of aggression and strength when facing possible injury or defeat. This measure is critical in all sports and is often called in other sports, "having heart" or being "clutch", respectively. When these tests are confirmed, the dog is now a "gamer" and ready for matches.

The Substance: What the real story is all about.

In the United States, dog fighting is a felony in 48 states (misdemeanor in Idaho and Wyoming)and illegal across all of North America. However, dog fighting is practiced in Russia, Afghanistan, and Japan with consistency. Much attention has been brought to this sport as of late by quarterback Michael Vick, who has been called a "heavyweight" in this sport. Many people, especially animal rights activists, see this sport as cruel and in poor taste. I don't care to comment on the moral perspective of this subject, except to say that its pretty exciting and something important has been lost in all of this- the dog's rights as an athlete. Seriously. These dogs are trained gamers, putting in as much time in the weight room as superstar athletes in various sports. Where is the union, or the collective bargaining agreement? These dogs need representation, in the form of agents and entourages. Fuck horse racing- dogs are very under appreciated and need some respect because their game is tough and not everyone can make it to the top. Jockeys, or 4 foot French scumbags, get face time on NBC when their horse wins, but dog owners don't get credit when their dog wins a tough match. Instead, the owners get prosecuted. What the fuck is that about? Dog fighting is brutal and unhealthy? I can't think of a sport more unhealthy than NASCAR and they show that shit every weekend on national TV. Same thing with golf. Brutal is boxing's middle name and also UFC's calling card, but America is fascinated by both. One day, these dogs will get the respect they deserve, maybe even guaranteed contracts, but until then, all we have are the fight clubs.
[Source: The Internet and Wikipedia]

Countdown to Kickoff: 92 Days

As we continue with our daily countdown towards the 2007 USC Football Season, we present to you #92. The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, where 92,000+ fans pack the stadium to root on the best college football team in the land, serves as a true home-field advantage. The Trojans have won 33 consecutive games at home (a Pac-10 record), and will likely make it 39 straight after this season if they can bring home another championship. Fight On!

Why I Hate Baseball.

I hate baseball. I've had this feeling for a couple of years now. Every year it seems there is more controversy with this "sport." The so-called "America's Pastime" is in dire need of salvation from itself. Steroid allegations run rampant and the league officials refuse to launch a real investigation into the matter. Sure, there have been some vague attempts at dealing with the steroid problem, but if Major League Baseball was serious about getting rid of the steroid problem, all of the suspected dopers would be suspended indefinitely until the investigation is complete.

The steroid problem is one of the main reasons I cannot stand baseball anymore. Barry Bonds is pursuing one of the greatest records in all of sports and he is only a couple of swings from becoming the all-time home run leader. Despite years of suspected steroid allegations, his ties with BALCO and side-stepping the media, Bonds has been allowed to keep playing baseball even though he's a fucking cheater. This is bullshit. For those of you who don't believe that this man has taken some sort of growth hormone, all the proof you need is here:

It's no secret that Bonds "hulked up" after the 1998 season. His legs, arms and chest got bigger as well as his big fucking head. His big ass head is large enough that it affects the tides. That shit has it's own gravitational pull. I don't care what sort of exercise program he's on, your head, your muscles and your body in general does not experience such growth playing baseball in your mid-30's.

Image Hosted by

Besides the giant turd that the steroid problem is laying on baseball, another thing that pisses me off are the salaries of some of these athletes. I'm talking about A-Rod's astronomical salary. This guy is getting $252 million over 10 years. That comes out to $25.2 million every year, or $156,000 per game, or about $39,000 per at bat (assuming 4 at bats per game). This is fucking absurd. Sure, these guys have to play from April till October (if the team makes the playoffs) and they play 162 games, but still... 156 thousand fucking dollars per game? Fuck that. No player is worth that. Especially someone like Gay-Rod. Sure, the guy is pretty good and he might eventually be the best player (statistically) ever, but fuck this cunt.

Image Hosted by

We all know about baseball's recent struggles (1994 strike, 2002 All-Star Game ending in a tie, A-Rod's salary, steroids), but this story is just appalling.

More proof that baseball sucks:

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

There are a couple of funny moments that baseball has provided though. Here are a few of my favorites:

Image Hosted by
Former Boston Red Sox pitcher, Pedro Martinez, grabbing 72-year old Yankees pitching coach, Don Zimmer, by the head and throwing him to the ground during the 2003 playoffs.

Image Hosted by
Manny Ramirez selling an autographed grill on eBay.

There was also this altercation where minor league ballplayer, Izzy Alcantara was hit by a pitch and before he charged the mound, he kicked the catcher in the chest. Alcantara then charged the mound, swung at the pitcher and proceded to get his shit ruined by the rest of the infield.

Baseball has really taken a fall the last decade. Every record from the mid-90's till now should be marked with an asterisk on account of this being the Steroid Era. I hope that assbag Bonds doesn't break Hank Aaron's record. Bonds is a lying, cheating scumbag. A-Rod gets paid WAY too much money and you have people like Ozzie Guillen and Curt Schilling running their mouths everyday. The baseball season is too fucking long as well. There's nothing worse than waking up late in the summer, turning on the TV and seeing Fox Saturday Baseball showing an epic matchup between the Royals and Rangers. The College World Series also sucks ass. Double elimination? What the fuck is all that about?

Fuck baseball.
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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Countdown to Kickoff: 93 Days

Who better to represent #93 on our kickoff countdown than incoming freshman defensive end, Everson Griffen. I am incapable of communicating how excited I am to see this guy in a Trojan uniform this season.

Griffen will arrive at SC with an NFL-ready body at 6'4" 265lbs. His size is only part of the total package. Griffen is described as a freak athlete with a sub 4.5 40 time. It's amazing seeing someone that big move the way he does. His superior athleticism is what allowed Griffen to succeed on both sides of the ball in high school. As a senior at Agua Fria High School, Everson accounted for 77 tackles and 16 sacks while amassing 1251 yards rushing and 22 touchdowns on offense.

Griffen will compete with Kyle Moore for immediate playing time when fall camp begins. Mark my words when I say that Griffen will eventually be a top ten NFL draft pick. Until then I will enjoy watching him celebrate over fallen Pac-10 quarterbacks and defeated offensive tackles.

Pinkard arrested in suspected DUI case

If you haven't heard the news Josh Pinkard was pulled over and arrested on May 18th for driving under the influence. The California Highway Patrol stated that they pulled Pinkard over when they witnessed his vehicle swerving on the freeway. There is no mention of whether or not Pinkard's blood alcohol content exceeded the legal limit or whether it was measured at all. Nonetheless, Pinkard is due to appear in court on July 24th.

Pete Carroll acknowledged Pinkard's arrest on Tuesday. His status with the team is uncertain as the coaching staff will wait for more details on the case.

We should all be thankful that Pinkard wasn't involved in an accident and that no one was injured.

How does Pinkard's arrest effect the season?

Well, if Pinkard is found guilty and suspended from the team we will lose "the best player on the team," according to Pete Carroll, for the second year in a row. Pinkard spent all last season recovering from a knee injury he suffered in the game opener. This would end the highly anticipated safety competition that was scheduled to take place this fall between Pinkard, Kevin Ellison, and Taylor Mays. This will create opportunities for Mozique McCurtis and Will Harris to earn playing time.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Countdown to Kickoff: 94 Days

Here's a pretty familiar sight...a USC defender pounding on an fucla QB. For our #94 on our countdown, I present to you DE Kenechi Udeze, the Minnesota Vikings' 1st Round pick in 2004.

Trojans in the NFL: 2007 Mini Camp Photos

Here's some pictures from around the NFL, as teams conduct their mini camps following the draft. Maybe the recent success of Carson Palmer and Reggie Bush will carry over into some of our guys listed below.

LB Oscar Lua #49, New England Patriots

WR Steve Smith #12, New York Giants

Smith again, and WR Dwayne Jarrett #82, Carolina Panthers

WR Keary Colbert #83, Carolina, and RB LenDale White, Tennessee Titans

WR Mike Williams #17, Oakland Raiders

Monday, May 28, 2007

Countdown to Kickoff: Memorial Day Edition

Our 2007 season countdown (which is now at 95 days) takes a back seat today to honor the brave men and women who have served in the United States Armed Forces. I want to take this time to say thank you! Happy Memorial Day to you all!

Robot Chicken Presents.....

On June 17, 2007, Adult Swim and the producers of Robot Chicken will release a 30 minute short entirely dedicated to Star Wars. This production has been approved and produced with George Lucas and if it's as funny as the other Star Wars parodies, then I will no doubt chunk my shorts in laughter. Enjoy.

The First President

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Countdown to Kickoff: 96 days

The 2007 season opener is almost 3 months away, so I thought I'd start a daily countdown. Who better to represent 96 than All-American candidate DE Lawrence Jackson. Here's Lo Jack on the regional cover of last year's ESPN The Magazine's College Football Preview...

Steve Smith Impressing New Team

Here's a nice article on former USC receiver Steve Smith and his new team, the New York Giants. According to the article Smith might be counted on early to help the offense as veteran receiver Amani Toomer recovers from season-ending knee surgery. The Giants picked up a very talented receiver in Smith whose great hands, quickness, and toughness will provide quarterback Eli Manning with an excellent third option.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Countdown to Kickoff: 97 Days

As we continue on our countdown to the 2007 season, Senior DE Alex Morrow represents #97. Morrow, along with incoming freshman Everson Griffen, will add quality depth to the DE position behind starters Lawrence Jackson and Kyle Moore.

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Friday, May 25, 2007

Hooters - Costa Mesa

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It's no secret that I am a big fan of the Hooters Restaurant chain. I enjoy their tasty wings and of course, their scenery. Some Hooters establishments employ very attractive waitresses and the Hooters standard issue uniform is pretty tight. The Hooters girl tank-top and those orange shorts will give anyone with a pulse a giant chubby, unless you're a bitch. That being said, today I visited the best fucking Hooters restaurant I've ever been to. I've been to a couple of locations throughout my career, including Santa Monica, San Diego, Orlando, El Paso, Las Vegas and a few others. The one in Costa Mesa, CA was by far, the best one in terms of waitresses, ambiance and service. This place was FUCKING SICK! Our server, Ananda (not a typo), was friendly, courteous, and smoking hot. She took her break and she was relieved by an even hotter server, Reis. This girl looked like Kim Kardashian, (pictured below).

Image Hosted by

She had it all, a coke bottle figure, delicious curves and bright red, glossy lipstick. I was greatly impressed with the Hooters girls at this place. There wasn't a single one that wasn't packing a punch. While other Hooters restaurants have a couple of pretty waitresses and then a slew of titless freaks hanging around, the Costa Mesa Hooters had an All-Star cast of girls. All of the waitresses were fine and absolutely beautiful.

I highly recommend this place. In the words of one Razor Ramon, if you're looking for "good food, good drink, good chica..." then this is the hot spot. You won't be disappointed. I guarantee it.

Countdown to Kickoff: 98 Days

98 Degrees... enough said there...
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Thursday, May 24, 2007


The weekend is almost here and besides the wine festival I will be getting smashed at on Saturday morning, UFC 71 on pay per view is hands-down the event of the weekend. Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell will try to avenge his previous 2003 loss to Quinton "Rampage" Jackson this Saturday in Las Vegas. The undercard for this event is also solid with appearances by Josh Burkeman, Keith "The Dean of Mean" Jardine, and the hidden gem Thiago Silva. Silva is one of my favorite fighters and brings the Muay Thai style to the Octagon with some flat out ridiculous strikes. Also, Jardine is a beast to be reckoned with after his demolition of Forrest Griffin this past December. Liddell has already avenged his other 2 losses to Randy Couture and Jeremy Horn with a KO and a TKO, respectively. The first Pride Fighting match between Liddell and Jackson was not even close as Liddell got his ass kicked in every phase, including the ground game and stand up. I still cringe seeing the world's baddest motherfucker get waxed by Jackson.Quinton executed his gameplan and flat out dominated Chuck. Well, a lot has changed since then as Liddell hasn't lost since and has been flat out killing people in the Octagon. Saturday's showdown will feature Chuck's sprawl n' brawl style of stand up fighting versus Quinton's solid stand up to complement his monstrous ground game. No fist packs more kinetic energy than Chuck Liddell's and he is on a mission, which, honestly, is fucking scary. PREDICTION: Chuck Liddell by KO in the 2nd round. If this video doesn't make you want to watch this fight, then you might want to check yourself for tits and a hairy cooter.
[Update: 5/26/2007] ESPN is now covering Mixed Martial Arts.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Weekend Recap

Looks like Joey won't be back in L.A. until next week, so I'll recap the weekend for you fellas. I'm a few days late, but I was busy watching Hustle & Flow, which was the inspiration behind the new video post by PCbestever. It's a great video remix to his original "Third Coming" post. Be sure to check that out and show some love. Here's what went down last weekend:

1) NBA Playoffs: The stupid Spurs beat Phoenix (thanks to Robert Horry) and have now moved on to the Western Conference Finals. This was a bullshit series. I expected the Spurs to get every call like they always do, but there were too many things for the Suns to overcome. To not have the REAL MVP Steve Nash at the end of Game 1, and then not have Boris Diaw and Amare Stoudamire for Game 5, is what ultimately cost them the series, and a probable berth in the NBA Finals. The Spurs-Jazz series isn't exactly Kings-Lakers, Knicks-Pacers, or Bulls-Knicks, and the Eastern Finals, featuring LeBron "I can't close out games" James against an experienced Detroit Pistons team have pretty much left me counting down the days until NFL Training Camps get underway.

2) Shrek the Third: This movie was f***ing sick. If you liked 1 and 2, you'll love this one. Go watch it!

3) Dodgers @ Angels: A total disaster. The men in blue got swept by the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim of Orange County of Southern California of the United States of America.

4) Entourage: Vince seems to have found someone to fund Medellin, but the guy's wife wants to fellate him. Johnny isn't as big a star as he thought, since he was mistakenly cast for a part in Rush Hour 3 and Turtle seems to be getting closer to Kelly. No show this upcoming Sunday, so we'll have to wait for the week after.

France Sucks Ass.

Image Hosted by <span class=
Contrary to what millions of tourists that visit France each year believe, France sucks. The people are rude, cocky and to put it bluntly, the French are assholes. How can anyone take France seriously? I'm talking about a country that has been invaded by countless warlords and empires throughout history. This short list includes Julius Caesar, Germanic tribes, Nazi Germany and more recently, stuck-up pricks. France criticizes the U.S. over most of our foreign policy, most notably, the War on Terror and the invasion of Iraq. While I'm the first to admit that our president is a bonafide idiot and a complete moron, the French should stop being such cry-baby whiny pussies.

One of the main reasons I can't give France any respect is the futility and character of their military. This country gave rise to one of the biggest douchebags in history (forgive my play on words), Napoleon Bonaparte. Despite his diminutive size, Napoleon is one of the most spectacular assholes the world has seen. We can all thank this clown for all the annoying short guys who try to act all hard and aggressive to make up for the fact that they are nothing more than short pieces of shit.
Image Hosted by <span class=

Another fine example of the French military tradition occurred during World War II. Nazi Germany and that douche Hitler (with some help from Italy) invaded all of France in a little over a month. Let me repeat that, a country that is about 12 million square miles and who was a supposed "world power" was conquered, bitch-slapped and gagged in a little over a month. I mean come on, France, at least put up a fight. Defend your capital, launch some grenades, fire a couple of rounds at the bad guys at least. Don't just bend over and take it. That has to rank as one of the most embarrassing defeats of any world power in history.

Try looking up "French Military Victories" on the Google search engine. You'll get this search result: "Did you mean: French military defeats?"
Image Hosted by <span class=

I don't know why France is such a joke. It might be the years of military embarrassment, or the fact that the most recognizable landmark in Paris is this:

Image Hosted by <span class=

The French consistently hate on the U.S. about everything we do. This can be seen by the way they villianize American heroes and do everything possible to undermine American achievements. Lance Armstrong survived cancer and won a record 7 straight Tour de France competitions. Winning one was amazing enough, but seven is just remarkable. The French have been accusing Armstrong of blood doping and steroid use for years despite any concrete evidence. They're just jealous that an American dominated their shitty competition. The French are notoriously stuck-up pricks and they think they're better than everyone. I'm really glad that Italy won this past World Cup instead of France. The French team is full of assbags. They have some guy nick-named "Scarface". That alone is pretty bad. Then you have their captain, Zinedine Zidane, showing the attitude of the team with this little display of character:
Image Hosted by <span class=

France is just plain shitty. I'll give them some credit though. The only good thing to ever come out of France is Grey Goose vodka. It's so smooth and delicious. Besides that, France contributes nothing to this world. They can keep complaining and crying about the U.S. but you can be sure that the next time some evil warlord attacks France, they'll run away with their tail tucked between their legs and ask the U.S. and Great Britain for help. In short, France sucks ass.

Oh yeah, and Tony Parker is a douche.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Mayo Jumps Love

The college basketball season is still 5 months away and OJ Mayo is already jumping over UC Los Angeles' K-Love. Rivals just recently released their newest and final rankings for the 2007 class in which Mayo jumped K-Love to take the number 4 spot. This is something that Love and UC Los Angeles fans can look forward to at least twice this coming season. I cant wait for all the fans booing in Pauley Pavilion to be silenced when OJ throws down a monstrous dunk over K-Love or anyone of UC Los Angeles' soft players.

I know rankings don't mean anything but they're fun to discuss and they keep college sports fans entertained during the summer. On that note, still ranks OJ Mayo as the #1 player in the 2007 class.


Brandon Jennings Commits to Arizona

After opening up his recruitment a few weeks ago, Brandon Jennings gave another verbal commitment to the University of Arizona on Monday night. This is not a big surprise to me. After reading quotes from Jennings in various interviews it seemed all but certain that he had dropped USC out of consideration. You can read more about his commitment here.

I will refrain from hating on Jennings because I don't want to seem bitter. However, Jennings' comments when he opened up his recruitment made me doubt whether or not I really wanted this guy on our team. Jennings' stated that his top two schools were UConn and Arizona because they have a reputation for producing great point guards and that they let they point guards play. It sounds like Jennings wants to go somewhere where he can freestyle and showoff his And1 streetball skills. (I apologize in advance for the clips of the awkward looking big man in this video) I wish Jennings the best of luck at Arizona and I look forward to playing against him. We'll see how good he is against Marcus Simmons' shutdown defense.

How do you feel about this Joey?

Monday, May 21, 2007

Real Recognize Real

The original USC Sports Talk video, The Third Coming, which highlights/hypes the 2007 Trojan defense just got re-energized. It's only fitting that highlights of the Trojan defense, the hardest defense in the nation, be played-back to one of the hardest hip-hop tracks. I'm sure Desean Jackson will appreciate the precisely timed lyrics.


Sunday, May 20, 2007


Fellow bloggers, I am enjoying my time off here in Texas following last week's USC graduation ceremonies. I am looking forward to coming back to Los Angeles later this week and getting back to normal. I'll try and squeeze in some updates this week, although USC football is pretty quiet this off-season. Later this week, I will have a full preview for this weekend's UFC 71: Chuck Liddell versus Rampage Jackson.

However, I wanted to address one thing. I keep getting asked by people why Reggie Bush isn't being punished for his "supposed" accepting of gifts from various agents. Simple. There is no participation in the investigation from various parties and the NCAA does not have the ability to issue subpoenas. I'm just as tired of talking about this as Bush is. I think this is a dead subject until someone breathes life into it, which in most opinions won't happen. So I think I speak for most here on USC Sports Talk that we won't discuss any matters in "BUSH-GATE", as they call it. At least any time soon. However, I find it very funny that the strongest supporters of these charges against Reggie are Bruin fans. While I feel sorry for their "joke" football team and the irony that their pee-wee squad has to play home games in a stadium built for winners, I don't feel sorry for this. FIGHT ON !!!

Derozan's on FIRE

We here at USC Sports Talk, myself especially, have been hyping Derozan ever since we first saw this highlight video created by Ball Is Life. Derozan was recently upgraded to a 5 star recruit on Rivals, 17th overall, and is proving that he is one of the best high school basketball players in the country. On Friday Derozan delivered an all-star caliber performance against some of the nations best talent in the Cactus Classic in Arizona.

In a game featuring Brandon Jennings, Jrue Holiday, and Larry Drew, Derozan delivered a standout performance and lead his team, Belmont Shores, to a 98-91 victory. Derozan finished with a game high 29pts shooting 11-18 with 7 rebounds and 2 assists. Here's what Justin Young from Rivals had to say about Derozan and his performance...

Derozan, a USC commitment, was outstanding and looked every bit the five-star prospect in the victory. The 6-foot-5 guard scored a game high 29 points on 11 of 18 shooting from the floor. The term 'pro' was tossed around quite often after his outstanding showing. That kind of compliment was clearly justified.

Derozan is a big time scorer and is establishing himself as such nationally this spring. This might be his signature game of the year and certainly gave the pro Pac-10 crowd something to think about for the future, especially with his second half outburst. What a night for the five-star guard.
USC fans can look forward to years of excitement in the Galen Center. Gibson and Mayo will provide the majority of the excitement this season and Derozan and the rest of the 2008 class will keep things rolling the following season. My hat goes off to Tourney Tim. His coaching and his recruiting continue to impress me. Keep up the good work Tim. I also want to give props to the players, Taj Gibson and Dwight Lewis, I saw this last week heading over to the Galen Center to get their swoll on.

Fight On!

Friday, May 18, 2007

End of School Year / Weekend Preview

Sorry for the relative inactivity on our blog, but we've been caught up with graduation celebrations and vacations and what not. Congratulations to my fellow contributor Joey, who graduated from the Marshall School of Business, as well as the rest of the USC Class of 2007 graduates.

With the school year behind us, we can reload this summer and get some R&R before football season kicks off. Our readers can expect plenty of material throughout the football season, but until then, we'll keep you guys entertained with plenty of fucla banter and Joey will share some of his thoughts on UFC.

Here's what I'll be watching this weekend (in chronological order):

1) NBA Playoffs: The Eastern Conference Finals matchup is now set, Cleveland will take on Detroit. I'm tired of seeing the Pistons, let's see LeBron grow as a player and live up to his expectations by delivering a berth in the NBA Finals. In the West, hopefully Phoenix can recover from the suspension of Diaw and Stoudemire to take out the crybaby Spurs.

2) Shrek the 3rd: All good stories have a trilogy (see Star Wars and Lord of the Rings), and who can't get enough of the big green ogre, donkey, and puss in boots.

3) MLB Interleague play: most notably, Dodgers @ Angels, Fri-Sun. Go Blue!

4) Entourage: Vince has gone back to Ari, and has now bought the rights to Medellin. Johnny Drama is now a star after the impressive debut of Five Towns and Turtle is looking to hook up with Kelly. Good season so far...

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Final Destination for Jackson

If you're familiar with the Final Destination trilogy, then you're well aware of the significance of this photo. In the film, a photo of someone in which their face appears blurry signifies that they have escaped death.

In this photo taken last weekend of the 2007 Playboy All-Americans you can clearly see that UCB receiver Desean Jackson's face is blurry and distorted. Did Jackson escape death? What near death experience did he escape? I think we all know the answer to this question. See Kevin Ellison.

People who have seen the film also know that no one is capable of escaping death. Death has a plan and once that plan is set in motion there is nothing that can be done about it. I believe death's plan is going to come to fruition November 11th when Desean reunites with Kevin Ellison and the rest of USC's defense. Bye-Bye Jackson.

(Attention Tight Asses! I am in no way wishing death upon Desean Jackson. Just anticipating another game in which he is shutout and physically dominated by the Trojan defense.)

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Booty 2 Hazelton

According to USC Sports Talk's latest poll, the leading receiver for the upcoming season will be Vidal Hazelton. Hazelton played in 11 games last season, recording only 1 reception for 8 yards. With the dynamic duo of Steve Smith and Dwayne Jarrett on the field, Hazelton got very little playing time his freshman year. Hazelton looks to receive a lot more playing time and footballs as he competes for the starting receiver spot opposite junior Patrick Turner.

Hazelton had a great spring, displaying excellent hands and agility, and has positioned himself as the man-to-beat for playing time. He managed to hold off talented sophomores Travon Patterson and David Ausberry to finish the spring #2 on the depth chart. Nothing is set in stone and Hazelton will have to work hard this fall to hold off the competition, including incoming freshman Ronald Johnson.

Here are the complete results...

Vidal Hazelton (39%)

Patrick Turner (35%)

David Ausberry (12%)

Joe McKnight (5%)

Travon Patterson (4%)

Ronald Johnson (3%)

Jamere Holland (2%)

Fred Davis

Brandon Carswell

Good luck to all the receivers. The competition this fall should be great.


Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Did anyone else notice during the post-fight interview that Floyd Mayweather Sr. looked a lot like the Predator from the 1987 blockbuster film? Mayweather had those creepy dreadlocks just like the Predator himself. The resemblance was uncanny. I was expecting Arnold Schwarzenegger to jump out of the crowd and try to fight that guy. Here's what I'm talking about...

Image Hosted by

That guy looked creepy as fuck.

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