Thursday, July 19, 2007

Derozan Video

Nice video containing highlights of USC commit Demar Derozan at the Pangos All-Star tournament...

Video courtesy of

The video also has a few highlights of USC prospect Jordan Hamilton, a 5-star small forward from Dominguez High School.

Tourney Tim is getting it done!


Joey said...

DeRozan is gross. But I can't help getting a little sad that Brandon Jennings didn't choose to join him at USC. Jennings looks gross in this video, especially those mean hops and cross-overs.

PCbestever said...

i'm sure you're not that sad

Joey said...

I grew up watching Arizona b-ball so you're right. I'm not that sad, but I love SC basketball with Tourney Tim. He'll get someone new and probably just as good. Jennings is no OJ Mayo if you know what I mean.

However, there is one player that will make you forget about Jennings....Greg...Monroe. And SC is on that list.