Monday, July 9, 2007

Weekend Roundup and News

UFC 73 lived up to the billing as one of UFC's most STACKED cards ever. Sean Sherk proves why no one in the lightweight division is capable of touching him. Anderson Silva showed that his striking skills are unmatched in the middleweight division, while Ortiz-Evans disappointed. Good news on the horizon with a possible Chuck Liddell-Wanderlai Silva matchup here in Southern California at UFC 76.

Texas lineman Daniel Campbell has committed to USC. Another great lineman for Carroll's '08 class(Rivals account required to view). You gotta love Carroll's recruiting style. Take all the great skill players when the class is full of fat, slow linemen. And reverse it the next year and take the beast linemen. Anyone have any guesses on where UCLA's #1 football class will end up finishing?

Live Free or Die Hard was filled with great action scenes and the always popular ...yippie kay yay...

We are witnessing one of the greatest tennis players, maybe the greatest, to ever play the game in Roger Federer. He won his fifth straight Wimbledon over the weekend. Damn, that guy's a beast.

Another great episode of Entourage. Medillin got into Cannes, while E and Vince pussied out with Harvey. Looks like Drama is the only one with any balls, and might be the only one without a job after Harvey gets through with him.


RG3 said...

UCLA's "No. 1" recruiting class?!? Please... the only players they recruit are weak pussies. We'll see how quickly that ranking goes down once Carroll, Weis, Texas and the entire SEC overtake the bruins.

The Entourage season is looking pretty good so far. The last episode showed what a pansy Eric is.

PCbestever said...

you failed to mention the piece on that tranny... disgusting

Adam said...

Tito is supposedly in the best shape, but man he always looks tired after the 1st round. Rashad was a pussy and didn't take it to'em! He could have one rounds two and three..Probably would have if tito didn't cheat!

Anderson Silva looks tough to beat. Do you think Rich franklin has a shot? And why does Rich always look like some beat the crap out of him before a fight.

Joey said...

Adam, welcome to the Sports Talk. I am a Tito fan, simply because of his controversial character. But Rashad might have overtrained for that fight because he was quite jumpy. Tito cheated, but paid for it by having a point taken away.

Anderson Silva looks very tough to beat, and showed alot by being on his back against the very physical wrestler, Nate Marquardt. While I will probably be rooting for Rich Franklin, I don't see him beating Silva. Silva is just so technically sound in his stand-up game. And those knees off the clinch.... Christ man.