Monday, July 23, 2007

Some Late Afternoon Coffee

This past weekend was on fire with sports stories and news from around the country, so here goes.

David Beckham made his much anticipated debut with the L.A. Galaxy and the reception was as warm as can get. A party hosted by Will Smith and Tom Cruise to follow? Although it was quite funny to see all the amateur soccer fans, myself included, stand when Beckham entered the game as if he would make an impact the moment he touched the ball. The man is golden and I am buying that jersey. We'll wait and see if he can lead the Galaxy to the playoffs.

The NBA's worst nightmare has been realized when allegations surfaced that an NBA referee fixed games, which included some he actually refereed. NBA basketball is going to take a huge hit, as if the ratings weren't already low enough. This is more bad news for all of sports. Dog fighting in the NFL, NBA referees fixing games, steroids in MLB baseball, what the fuck? With all the cheating and crap going on in sports, who is gonna shell out money to see these clowns?

As reported by Yahoo! news, Zoey the Chihuahua saved a baby from a rattle snake. Now, thats a story I wanna hear about.

Another great episode of Entourage with E and Vince getting into it again with another movie. Walsh and Eric are not square and we'll have to see what Drama does with Sandy Koufax's jersey.

Former Trojan Troy Polamalu is making bank, as he is now the NFL's highest paid safety.


Michael said...

That's why I love the NHL's policy of enforcement on the ice. Nothing works better than other players beating you senseless to keep people in line.

btw. Donaghy didn't fix games he didn't ref, he wagered on them. This isn't usually a problem unless you lose, and he lost a LOT. This put him in the back pocket of the mob since his bookies had ties. He allegedly used his position to make sure teams met or didn't meet the point spread on some of the games he worked according to what the mob wanted.

Check out Bill Simmons column on the issue on ESPN. It's a good recap on why this can get a lot worse.

Joey said...

I am not much of a hockey fan, but your right about their enforcement policy, mike.

Now I wonder if some of those point spreads involved wins and losses. For instance, if San Antonio was +1 against Phoenix, and the mob was taking San Antonio to cover, I wonder if their were calls to change the outcome of say a close game. This is serious stuff.