Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Its Almost Time

Seriously, do these clowns have anything better to do than hate on proven winners. This is the most pathetic thing I have ever seen. Lobbying the NCAA to punish their rivals? Its sad that UCLA can't do it themselves and win a Pac-10 title on their own, but rather need a committee of douchebags to do it for them. However, most UCLA fans feel they have the talent and the experience to compete this year. If thats the case, December 1st is time to put up or shut up. In the Coliseum this year. Right now, UCLA is calling 1-800-NCAA but on December 1st, the only number I can see them calling is 9-1-1. Bitches.

Another bowl forecast, this time from College Football Poll's computer rankings. As expected, USC and LSU are predicted to clash in the BCS National Championship. However, they also predict Ohio State to face....yep, you guessed it. UCLA. I won't even get into the one million reasons why UCLA won't be there, but one of the things I look forward to this season is the disappointment from the Scum of Westwood. When their team falls short of the 8-11 wins predicted by many publications, and they will, the joy on my face will look like Christmas morning. December 1st can't arrive soon enough. Pete Carroll and our NFL defense will have an early Christmas present for Karl Dorrell and his band of misfits.

Anyhow, the hype is starting to gain momentum a full 40+ days before the season starts, and I have few worries about this year's team. Unlike last year's team or the year before, the essentials are in place to make a run. And by that I mean an experienced quarterback and a solid defense. Wide receivers are new, but they are more than capable. Running backs are still unsettled, but I am confident that things will be settled by the end of August training camp, especially with the re-emergence of Herschel Dennis. Booty is healthy, experienced, and ready to go. We have the talent, the coaching, the experience, and the hunger to obliterate every team that steps onto the field with us. Pete Carroll himself has said on multiple occasions that this defense is the fastest, strongest, most aggressive defense he has coached. The offense returns a monster line, a Heisman worthy quarterback, and the talent at wide receiver that is necessary for a great run this year, not to mention a competent offensive coordinator. While they still have to prove it on the field, Carroll's coaching and previous accomplishment speaks for itself. This team has the ability to be one of the greatest college football teams to play the game, especially during one of the best college football runs in history. The only thing that can stop this team is itself, which is very possible (see UCLA & Oregon State loss). All I can say now is that its the best time to be a Trojan and this season will be very fun to watch all the way to The Big Easy. Fight On! Fuck UCLA!

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PCbestever said...

that article is pretty pathetic. why do these jackoffs waste their time?

ucla fans spend way too much time and energy hating on USC. staying up into the wee hours of morning reading BN, one hand on the mouse the other on their little mouse. wife upstairs sleeping alone contemplating divorce, while their baby girl is out taking a big mouthful from joey