Wednesday, July 25, 2007


According to CBS Top Stories, UCLA WR coach and recruiter Eric Scott was arrested, along with two other suspects, for attempting to burglarize a home Tuesday morning. Yes, you heard that correctly. UCLA's squeaky clean program has a coach who tried to break into someone's home in daylight and commit theft. I don't know where to start.

Its one thing to have young college kids make mistakes, even bad ones at that, but to have coaches commit crimes sends quite some message. Interestingly, Eric Scott is a key recruiter for UCLA's joke of a football program, and I can expect commits and their parents to think twice about where they send their sons to play football. Unfortunately, this might be one of the last straws for Karl Dorrell, which is unfortunate because the expectations are quite high this year for the vastly overrated Bruins.

And for this to happen 2 days prior to Pac-10 media day? Wow. Anybody think Dorrell has a gun in his mouth right now? But in the end, who gives a rats ass? I am just glad we have Coach Carroll and his awesome staff and not a bunch of thug coaches calling plays.Have fun with this one, guys. Fight On! Fuck the Bruins.


PCbestever said...

It's a Vicious Circle isn't it. While bruin fans jerk off to how classy their athletics program is, one of their assistant coaches is out committing B&Es.

I can't believe UC Los Angeles was sending this guy out to visit families. Could you imagine having Eric Scott in your living room? Checking out all the valuables.

Every fucla commit needs to take a household inventory and make sure they can account for all their valuables

Conquest Chronicles said...

Thats pretty good...funny.


Joey said...

Now the we reoffer those recruits after they shunned Pete Carroll for Westwood?

What do you guys think?

PCbestever said...

why would we want fucla's 3 star rejects? they wouldn't even get PT on the scout team here

well at least now we know were darrell scott is not going

RG3 said...

All the recruits who turned down our offer to potentially go lose over at fUCLA can go fuck themselves. They should have done the right thing and signed on with the cardinal and gold. Besides, the solar system is getting crowded over here. We have enough stars already.

PCbestever said...

CG Way