Friday, July 27, 2007

Double Feature

Yesterday I had the pleasure of seeing two great movies in one day. The first movie of the double feature was the Nick Young documentary Second Chance Season. The USC School of Cinematic Arts had a free screening of the movie at Norris Theatre. The movie exceeded all my expectations.

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. The film delves into the life of Nick Young as he struggles to become academically eligible to play in the NCAA all amidst his family's continual struggle to cope with the loss of Young's eldest brother Charles Jr.. After a semester in one of Boyd's film classes you'll have to excuse me for not giving you a full in depth analysis of the film, senioritis is a bitch and my brain only functions at half speed during the summer. However I will say this, I recommend that any Trojan basketball fans, Nick Young fans, Washington Wizard fans, or anyone with a general interest in documentary films to see this movie. It really makes you appreciate the accomplishments of Nick Young as well as many other athletes that have to overcome so much adversity at such a young age.

I couldn't be happier for Nick Young that he has made to the NBA. And thank the heavens that Young made the correct decision to play for the Trojans and not the Ben Ball Butt Banging/Ball Busting/Ben Blowing/Bitch Balling/Butt Biting/Ball Basting/Back Blasting/Bitch Boy Warriors.

As for the second half of the double feature... I'll leave that up to RG3 to tell you how that went...


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