Sunday, January 20, 2008

Why go bare, when you can go BEAR?

This item is courtesy of Sports by Brooks, and shows a fucla themed condom created by fucla alum Mike Filonczuk. He is trying to market his product and seemed to have taken this inferiority complex to a whole new level.

This is just too fucking hilarious. I'm sure this guy consulted Nestor, who probably had final say on that "go BEAR" slogan.

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Saturday, January 19, 2008

USC beats fucla 72-63: Post Game Thoughts

Davon Jefferson was an absolute beast, throwing down 25 points, pulling down 9 rebounds, and delivering some thunderous dunks in the "house that wooden built," as the Trojans ended fucla's 9 game winning streak with a 72-63 victory this afternoon. O.J. Mayo chipped in 16 points and 4 assists for the Trojans, who improved their overall record to (11-6) and (2-3) in the Pac-10.

Congratulations to our team, what a great win for the Trojans and Coach Tim Floyd. I have to admit, I had my doubts about this game, especially with the team's recent attitude and lack of focus. Following the WSU loss, which dropped the Trojans to (0-3) in Pac-10 play, Daniel Hackett said that the team quit against the Cougars. That statement was very concerning to USC fans because that game was very competitive in the first half, and when WSU made their run in the 2nd hafl, the Trojans just laid down. Furthermore, Davon Jefferson was suspended for that game for undisclosed reasons. The season looked grim with this trip to Pauley on deck. This was not how USC wanted to start conference play, conference play is supposed to challenge you and make you a better to team and prepare you for March Madness, but instead our team was unraveling.

Fast forward to today though and you saw a completely different team, the one that outplayed #3Kansas and #2Memphis for the better part of those games. This win over fucla may be a season changing game for the Trojans. I know it's early and USC is still only (2-3) in the Pac-10, but more importantly, they now have some confidence going into the final stretch of the season. This team was able to suck it up and grind out a win, something it failed to do in their losses to Kansas and Memphis. Even more glorious is the fact that we were able to beat those hated fucla ruins.

Nestor's misfits across town are having difficulty coping with defeat, but there are some classy bruin fans that can take the game for exactly what it is...a game. Here's the game summary from the eyes of BN poster jbcoach:
An embarrasing effort on the part of our Bruins today. USC looked like the poised team down the stretch, and we looked horrible. We had a 6-7 point lead and all of the sudden our shot selection became atrocious. We were just jacking stuff up and nobody stepped up. Love, Collison, and Shipp cannot do it all. Westbrook, Keefe, Aboya, etc have got to step us offensively and contribute, or this is gonna happen again. USC wanted it more, congrats to them.

by jbcoach on Sat Jan 19, 2008 at 05:44:05 PM EDT
Once again, congratulations to Coach Floyd and the Trojans for this hard fought win. USC hits the road again next week for games at the Oregon schools, so let's stay behind the team and cheer them on all the way to the end.

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photos: courtesy of Yahoo! Sports and LA Times

Sunday, January 6, 2008


I recently had an opportunity to sit down with Les Miles as he arrived in New Orleans for LSU's upcoming game against Ohio St. Here's the transcript of the USC Sports Talk EXCLUSIVE interview with Coach Miles himself:

RG3: Thank you, Coach Miles for taking the time to sit down with me. I know you're busy preparing your team for your upcoming arbitrarily arranged game.

Les: No problem. Anything for a fan.

RG3: Who the fuck said I was a fan? Anyways, is your team prepared for this game?

Les: My team is ready. My DAMN strong team is ready for this game. Hell, we come from the SEC, the best conference in the nation.

RG3: Don't you think that LSU was lucky to get into this bowl game considering you lost TWO games and you lost late to a mediocre Arkansas team?

Les: Hold on now, my team is undefeated in regulation. We lost two triple-overtime games and we played in the hardest conference...

RG3: Undeafeted? WTF? You lost two games.

Les: Yeah, but not in regulation.

RG3: But you LOST two games. Those games went down as losses.

Les: All I know is that my team is undefeated in regulation.

RG3: Well then sir, you are a fucking idiot. Now please answer me this, what's up with all the fuss you caused with the alleged Michigan job?

Les: Well, my alma mater came calling and I was looking forward to coaching there but like I said, I have a DAMN strong team here.

RG3: You were a real asshole during the press conference you called before the SEC championship game. Why do you come off as such a douche?

Les: You see, I don't like rumors spread about me. I have a DAMN strong team and we're just trying to win.

RG3: You didn't answer my question, why are you such a fucking asshole?

Les: Well, I guess it's because I lick so much ass. Always have, since I was very little. You are what you eat, right?... haha

RG3: Now coach, I heard that you like golden showers? Is this true?

Les: Yes! I fucking love them. I like that warm feeling you get when you're showering in piss. It makes my nipples so hard!

RG3: That's fucking gross. You're a sick man. Anyways, I have better shit to do than to listen to you ramble on. I just wanted to tell you that your team is a FRAUD and that everyone hates you for being such a narcissistic prick. Eat shit.

Les: Geaux Tigers!

RG3: Geaux FUCK yourself.

After that, I punched Coach Miles in the face and he left the room like a whipped dog. I had never felt so good in my life after hitting that asswipe. All I can say is FUCK Les Miles.

Sanchez Time

A new era has begun ladies and gentlemen... There is a new sheriff in town and he goes by the name Mark "The Dirty" Sanchez. You heard it first during the Rose Bowl game when Kirk Herbstreit stated that Mark Sanchez will be the starter for the Trojans in 2008. In this post-game interview Sanchez makes it clear that he will be the starter next season and that the Rose Bowl was his last day as a back-up.

Gotta love this guys confidence. With the talent at running back and the continued development of our young receivers, our offense should be explosive next season.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Bright Future

USC was well represented this week at a number of high school All-American games. Eleven of USC's fourteen verbal commits participated in either the Army, Under Armour, or Offense-Defense All-American games.

Several big name recruits made their college choices official today on the big stage. Rivals #1 CB prospect Patrick Johnson verbally "committed" to LSU and 4-star receiver Deion Walker verbally committed to Notre Dame.

Check out these photos of Trojan commits putting in work for their respective All-American games. Photos courtesy of

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Rose Bowl Champions

USC 49 Illinois 17

USC dominated the Granddaddy of 'Em All and wrecked an outmatched Illinois team. We finally got to see the team that we had all hoped USC could become back in August. The game was never in question and it was basically over when the plane that the Fightin' Illini were traveling in touched down at LAX. John David Booty capped his career at USC with 255 yards passing and 3 TD's in his final appearance with the Trojans. Hell, even our neighbor Garrett Green threw a touchdown pass to Desmond Reed. I had forgotten USC had that kind of trickeration in the playbook after sitting through a boring season of 5 yard slants and hitch passes. On the defensive side of the ball, Rey Maualuga proved his beastliness with an interception and 3 sacks in the first half. Even our shitty cornerbacks made plays with Terrell Thomas stripping the ball in the red zone and Cary Harris intercepting Juice Williams.

The entire team was making plays and USC made their case for being the best team in the country. Sure, we were playing against the Big Ten's 3rd place team and Illinois maybe didn't deserve the Rose Bowl bid, but the way USC has played lately, there's no question the Trojans are playing the best football right now. You can put Ohio St, Oklahoma or even those cunts from LSU on the other side of the ball and USC will still hit them in the mouth and win. There is no playoff system in college football though, so we have to end the season with this Rose Bowl victory, but I'm glad USC took care of business.

Probably the best moment of the game came when RB Hershel Dennis scored his last touchdown for the Trojans. Dennis, a 6th year senior who battled knee problems and an ever-growing line of 5 star running backs never gave up and ended his Trojan career on a good note. I know I wasn't the only USC Sports Talk contributor who had a tear in the eye when Hersh scored. If he had scored on the last play of the game, I might have erupted in tears in joy.

USC ends this season on a high, although we all would have liked for another crystal ball to be heading to Heritage Hall. Nevertheless, USC finishes the Rose Bowl Champ, the Pac-10 Champ and gives Carroll a 5-1 record in BCS Bowls. We bid farewell to some key seniors, but with the top recruiting classes the last couple of years, USC should still be a dominant force for years to come. This season is at an end, but I'm sure we'll have plenty more to say about the season, the early entrants to the NFL draft and whatever random shit pops up. I leave you with some more images of today's game and a slighty modified quote from the movie Troy:

"May the Gods keep the women in our beds, and the wolves in the SEC fans' beds."

Cheers to that.

Fight On!