Sunday, July 15, 2007

Weekend Wrap

  • Gary Sheffield is accusing Joe Torre of racism because he claims black players get treated differently than white players, but not Derek Jeter, who happens to be a mix of black and white. I could never expect this from a winner like Torre, but I am more surprised to see no one publicly defend Joe Torre. What do you all think?
  • Scott Wolf reports in his open forum that USC is recruiting Julio Jones, a dominating wide receiver from Alabama. For a second, it was hard to believe USC wasn't recruiting such a dominant wide receiver.
  • We engaged in some beer talk over the weekend on how fast Ronald Johnson will get into the mix at wide receiver. We are all in agreement that he will definitely see the field alot; call us crazy, but a few of us are hyping this guy to start sometime this season. Watch out Me-Dal Hazelton!!
  • Another great episode of Entourage and E finally got some clean shots on Billy, which made me quite happy. But that sparked another are they gonna make the next movie if director and producer can't get along? And is Ari gonna rekindle his lust with Dana Gordon sometime soon. That chick is deceivingly hot. Seriously.

And tickets have officially gone on sale for the much anticipated release of this.

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RG3 said...

Joe Torre is a douche. Anyone who looks like Richard "Dick" Nixon has to be shady.