Friday, July 20, 2007

Countdown to Kickoff: 42 Days

As we continue on our daily countdown towards the 2007 season, we have arrived at 42. All football fans should know who the greatest player ever to wear #42 is, USC legend Ronnie Lott...
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Lott was a star at every level: he prepped at Eisenhower High School in Rialto, CA (which I'm sure makes PCbestever proud), became an All-American at USC, and was a 4-time Super Bowl champion with the San Francisco 49ers. He was also tough as nails (just check out this video) and is still widely regarded as the hardest hitter ever to play the game.

Fight On!

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RG3 said...

I really wish USC had retired Ronnie Lott's jersey number 42 the way the 49ers did. It's a shame assholes like Dallas Sartz wore that number and deflowered it with his weak tackles and heartless play. Ronnie Lott had the tip of his pinky finger amputated so he wouldn't risk injuring it and miss more football games. Pussy ass Dallas Sartz cried and moaned about a separated shoulder. I'm glad that piece of shit is no longer on the team.