Monday, July 9, 2007

Countdown to Kickoff: 53 Days

As we continue our daily countdown towards the 2007 season, we want to dedicate this post to #53 Jeff Byers. This season Byers will step forward at Center in hopes of replacing Ryan Kalil. Byers played at left guard in the 2005 season but has suffered some injuries the last two seasons. We're hoping Byers has made a full recovery so he can help anchor the Trojans overpowering offense line. The 6'3" junior will be a dominant force if he can show some of the form he showed his freshman year.

Jeff Byers qualifies as a beast here at USC Sports Talk. We've seen this guy dominate opposing defenders and there's the infamous image of him drinking beer out of a blender. Byers is capable of pancaking opposing defenses. Our running backs will have the luxury of running through the wide holes opened up by Sam Baker and Jeff Byers. These guys will leave a path of destruction in their wake. It'll be fun to see Byers mauling people in the trenches this coming season.

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Aaron said...

When it comes to College Football Recruiting USC doesn’t Top the Charts in talent with current and prospective players for no reason. That reason is Todd McNair. McNair eat, sleeps and breathes football recruiting and boy does it show.

How in the world does USC, with a depth chart that wound up 10 deep — yep, that’s 10 deep — at tailback, persuade high school All-American after high school All-American to sign with the school and believe, beyond a doubt, they’ll play from the moment they step on the field? Read more »

Aaron said...

Joey said...

You are absolutely right. McNair is a beast on the trail, but he's no Ed Orgeron, who Pete Carroll himself called a "recruiting whirlwind."

Keep an eye on Brennan Carroll, because he's shaping up to be a great recruiter too. At least so far. He brought the next great Trojan athlete.....Ronald....Johnson.