Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Shark Responds....

Scott Wolf reports that Carroll did hear about the comments made by LSU coach Les Miles and responded with the following,
"He's really taking a shot at all the other schools we play. Maybe the comments should come from the coaches at the other schools, including Charlie (Weis) at Notre Dame. He didn't slam us. He slammed all the other schools we play."

While I mentioned before that Les Miles is an idiot and needs to shut his mouth, we all know that Carroll is very media savvy. Carroll quietly shrugged off the comments, but you know what really went down. You know goddamn well those comments are on the bulletin board and its personal now. I don't think there is anyone that would be more "jacked up" to play the Bayou Bengals than Professor X...errr, I mean Pete Carroll. Looks like the douchebags of Westwood High are taking a backseat (for the moment), to the Cajuns. I have a feeling these two teams will clash come January, barring a disaster like a hurricane or something. Its going down !!!!

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mel kiper fan said...

God I hate LSU and now so does Carroll and his troops...Bet your ass everyone in the Coliseum will be scoreboard watching during the games this season and raising hell everytime an LSU score comes up