Thursday, July 19, 2007

Snoop on Les Miles

100 % Injury Rate (via our friends over at TrojanWire) reports that our very own USC supporter Snoop Dogg had some.....uhhh, should I say, strong, words for Les Miles. On a Los Angeles radio station, Snoop addressed the comments made by Les Miles by saying this:
"Who the fuck is Les Miles?"
"The SEC, we done played Arkansas last year Les, tore they ass up by 40 Les, they won your division last year, Les, bitch-ass motherfucker."
Not only that, but Snoop clowns on Les Miles again by saying that Nick Saban is the reason for LSU being a legit program. Our boy Snoop D-O-Double G even takes it a step further by saying what everybody at Troy already knows:
"Man, we're USC. We get Heismans like my crew gets pussy -- whenever we want to."
Well said, Snoop, well said. Click here for audio commentary courtesy of Gump4Heisman.

1 comment:

RG3 said...

Holy shit that audio clip was some of the funniest shit I've ever heard. Snoop just summed up what every Trojan fan already knows:

LSU and Les Miles can go FUCK themselves.