Thursday, July 12, 2007

Westwood Desperation

After the fallout from the sanctions and penalties handed down onto the Oklahoma football program, there wasn't a doubt in my mind that USC penalties would arrive somewhere in the conversation. Here's a comment left by one of the bottom feeders over at BruinsNation (under the Diary Sooners Punished, What About TrOJans (Bush)?,

"The Jarrett thing is over. It was leinarts father that reported the infraction to the NCAA. They are much more lenient when people turn themselves in. They represented the whole affair as a mistake, and thats how the committee saw it. Crying about it now isn't going to change a thing.

As for the Tings, only 1 failed a drug test, and both quit the team before the year started, so the NCAA isnt going to pursue that.

AS for McKnight, if there was a call, there will be a record for it. I doubt they will find anything. But hey if you use the FOA to get pompom's cellphone records, maybe you can find the call.

We need to prove that the SuC administration has had a knowledge of these things in order to bust them. So far they are skirting around the rules, getting away with murder. Our best bet for major sanctions depends on proving that McNair knew about Reggie Bush, and didn't report it, or one of the people that reggie bought off blabbing.

My gut feeling is that they will get away with it all.

I hate them. I really really hate them. I hope they all die in a fire"

That, my friend, is the definition of pathetic. The only fire that I know of is the one that UC-Los Angeles will be thrown into on December 1st. Kind of like the fire Reggie Bush started when he torched the UCLA defense. BruinsNation might want to check the identity of some of its members because I wouldn't be surprised if this guy pulls a Chris Benoit on his family when we slaughter the cows on December 1st and then tear down New Orleans again en route to a national title. Nestor really knows how to pick em. The funny thing is that they don't demand results from their team or players, but rather from judges. I mean, how long can you blame Karl Dorrell when all your players are 1-star athletes, while all the 5-star athletes are part of an empire that stretches from sea to sea? Fuck the Bruins. Fight On!


mel kiper fan said...

That's funny:

"I hope they all die in a fire"

I'm glad that our school causes the guys over at Westwood College so much grief, anger, jealousy, or whatever it is they feel. It's only going to get worse as Pete Carroll and Co. embark on another title run this season.

Conquest Chronicles said...

Agreed, the clowns from the Westwood circus continue to be mired in mediocrity and even if they do get rid of Dorrell they will have a tough time finding someone to take the job.

its not a glamor job, never has been never will be at least not outside of the pac 10. they are not significant in the national picture regardless of their delusions of grandeur.

Please win something other than just some Rose Bowls gone by that didn't even get you an MNC.

keep thinking those happy thoughts clowns.