Sunday, August 12, 2007

Tailback- Who?

USC Sports Talk asked which position battle fans are most looking forward to. The results are in and fans are overwhelmingly anticipating the battle at tailback. Here are the final results...

84% Running Back
9% Wide Receiver
3% Safety
1% Defensive End
1% Cornerback
1% Other

The battle for the #2 wide receiver spot is still wide open. It appears that David Ausberry has closed the gap on Vidal Hazelton who was named the #2 wideout after spring practice. Ausberry has impressed so much this fall that Carroll is considering starting both Patrick Turner and David Ausberry. Freshmen Ronald Johnson and Brandon Carswell have been getting a lot of reps with the injuries to Travon Patterson and Jamere Holland.

One thing is for certain about the battle between the defensive backs and that is that Josh Pinkard will be a starter. He has been working with the first team at safety and cornerback and started in today's scrimmage at corner. It's beginning to look like Mays and Ellison will start at Safety with Terrell Thomas and Pinkard at corner. Cary Harris and Mozique McCurtis will be the first DBs off the bench.

As for the battle at defensive end... there is no battle at defensive end. Kyle Moore has looked great so far this camp. Everson Griffen has been showing improvement but Moore is on another level.

After a week of practice here is how I would rank the running backs.

  1. Chauncey Washington- Is finally starting to look like the Thunder & Lightning combination that we've been waiting to see. Get your C-Dub t-shirts now because he's going to be a monster this year.
  2. Stafon Johnson- The local 5-star All-American is giving fans what they've been waiting for. Based on production, Stafon has been the best back the first week of fall camp.
  3. C.J. Gable
  4. Allen Bradford- BEAST. Enough said.
  5. Desmond Reed
  6. Emmanuel Moody
  7. Joe McKnight
  8. Broderick Green
  9. Hershel Dennis- Injured
  10. Marc Tyler- Injured
These rankings are up for debate. Comments welcome.


RG3 said...

Gable and Moody suck.

mel kiper fan said...

I agree with 1 and 2, but I have a feeling Bradford and Green will be 3 and 4 by the end of camp, with McKnight being used several different ways. The rest will need to find a way to contribute on special teams.

Joey said...

Bradford is gonna move up, thats for sure.