Thursday, August 2, 2007

Frustration Mounts in Westwood

I came across this post this morning from a UCLA Bruins blog and I think they have given up all hope and can only pray for one thing....
The only place for them to go Is straight down. They just can't keep this up year in and year out. I heard Carroll was gone after this season anyway. Let's hope Harbaugh was right. Time to leave for the NFL Petey. You can cheat all you want there as long as you don't run a dogfighting operation.

I think you have forced superiority over your rivals when they don't even want to compete anymore. They don't want to see their beloved institution change directions and find a way to win. Westwood High fans don't want Dorrell to grow some balls and win the Pac-10 for once. They don't want Dorrell to be fired and a new coach hired who can compete with Carroll. They don't want to "outrecruit" USC for a change and win the Pac-10. They don't want to gather everything they have and prove that they can compete with USC for a Pac-10 title and a National Title.
They want Carroll gone. Plain and simple. Its their only chance because as long as he is here, UCLA will always be backpage of the LA Times, or as they call it "The Trojan Times." Damn, it sure feels good to be on top. As a matter of fact, thats what she said. Fight On!

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mel kiper fan said...

They will always be irrelevant nationally as long as KD is in charge. It doesn't matter who they recruit if they are unable to coach and develop their players. Glad I'm a Trojan.