Thursday, August 9, 2007

Thursday Practice Notes

Yet another beautiful day for football, unfortunately I couldn't stay for the entire practice. I left about half-way through practice when the players and coaches took a quick break to get hydrated. Here are a few notes from Thursday's practice...
  • Apparently Scott Wolf was incorrect in reporting that Pete Carroll would miss today's practice as he was there running the show as usual.
  • Will Harris continues to impress. No one with the ball is safe when Will Harris is on the field. Today's victim was Jamere Holland who got blasted while attempting to catch a pass. Holland couldn't hold on to the ball and fell to the ground. Holland was on the ground for a few seconds trying to remember who he was, then he headed over to the trainers table.
  • Yesterday I commented on how impressive the freshman linebackers looked and the two didn't disappoint today. Chris Galippo is legit. He's the real deal. When he's in at middle linebacker he takes over the defense. He's a very vocal leader, unlike our current starting middle linebacker who tends to lead by example. He always seems to be in the right spot making plays all over the field. Yesterday I mentioned that Luther Brown was limping around. I didn't see him practicing today and am unaware of his injury status. All I know is Brown better get out to practice or learn another linebacker position because I think we've found our #2 at middle linebacker.
  • More dropped passes from the wideouts. Hazelton specifically needs to step up in practice, especially if he wants to hold on to that #2 receiver spot. Ausberry and Rojo have been pretty consistent catching balls and making plays.
  • Gable got up limping a little after a tackle by Terrell Thomas. He seemed to be slightly favoring his right leg as he walked to the sideline. I was unable to catch the rest of practice, so I'm not sure whether or not he is okay.
  • The best tailback through the first half of practice was again Stafon Johnson.

  • Moody got man-handled by Chris Galippo. After the play Moody got in Galippo's face attempting to tell the freshmen that it wasn't a tackling drill. Comments welcome.
  • Hersh sat out practice with a large ice wrap on his left leg.
Tomorrow's practice should be exciting as the players suit up in full pads for the first time. Hopefully we will get to see some of the freshmen who were recently cleared by the NCAA suited up tomorrow. However according to Scott Wolf it is unlikely that we will see Marc Tyler and Brandon Carswell suited and booted.


Joey said...

Moody is overrated and I am pretty sure he won't be in the rotation when the season comes around. I predict he will transfer. Johnson, Washington, Bradford, and McKnight are all better than him by far.

Galippo is a beast and will be a dominant force in about a year

Will Harris seems like a headhunter. Did Kevin Thomas practice?

PCbestever said...

Keto was still on the sidelines. No helmet and no shoulder pads.

Josh Pinkard continues to work with both the safeties and the corner backs.

mel kiper fan said...

Luthur Brown is a possible candidate to transfer too, especially if Carroll signs Arthur Brown and Brendan Beal to the 2008 recruiting class...