Friday, August 24, 2007

UFC 74

As summer continues to wind down, we discover that kickoff weekend is only a week away. All the sweat, lactate, and blood from this off-season will reach fruition as the Mighty USC Trojans come blazing out of the tunnel next Saturday. We're almost there, guys. In the meantime, here's some MMA news for all the fight fans.


Randy Couture. Randy Couture. Randy Couture. Last time he fought, the odds were stacked against him. And look what he did. The guy is a champion for a reason, but this weekend it all ends for him as I predict Gabriel Gonzaga to shock the world. Again. While Couture has the heart of a lion, Gonzaga has the youth, not to mention, the Brazilian Jiujitsu to win this fight. For Couture to win, I believe he needs to score some takedowns and rough up Gonzaga on the ground and shake his confidence. But if Gonzaga can mount or gain top position on the ground, he proved against Mirko Cro-Cop that he can lay some serious ground and pound. Not to mention, he's got stand-up KO power. Gonzaga via submisson in Round 3.

Another interesting match should be Geroges St. Pierre vs. Josh Koscheck. When his head is on straight, St. Pierre is probably the most gifted fighter in the world, but when its not, well....Matt "The Terror" Serra showed us what happens. Look for Kos to use his wrestling skills to score some takedowns and push the tempo. And Kos is no slouch either as he handed Diego Sanchez his first loss a few months ago. I predict St. Pierre by TKO via strikes in the 2nd round.

Also, look for Roger Huerta to destroy another UFC newcomer as Dana White builds his Latino boy to stardom. There are some other quality fights with Kurt Pellegrino, Patrick Cote, Kendall Grove, and many more. I am not particularly too excited for this card, but I think it has plenty of potential to be good. If your a gambling man, check out UFCJunkie's Performify Picks.

Have a good weekend.


Adam said...

Koscheck blows.. I hope he gets knocked the fuck out.. His fights are so boooooooooooooring to watch.. I hope Dana never gives him a shot at the title, it would end the weight class.

Joey said...

My buddy andrew has a love affair with Kos. I mean, he was an all-state wrestler and is quality, but i'll agree that he does too much lay n' pray.

There are more dudes in the UFC that I can't stand, mainly Karo Parisyan and Brandon Vera

Adam said...

Yes Kroscheck lost...Can't believe that GSP out wrestled him.

Brandon Vera was SICK.. An asshole but at least he laid the beatdowns when he got in the ring.. He is like the next Tito.

Karo is an asshole but a warrior. And
leaves everything in the ring. I have seen A Karo fight i didnt like.

Adam said...

havent seen