Saturday, August 25, 2007

Countdown to Kickoff: 6 Days

As we continue our countdown toward the 2007 season we are now only 6 days away from the season opener and unfortunately less than two days away from the beginning of fall classes. Proudly representing #6 on our countdown is redshirt sophomore quarterback Mark Sanchez.

If John David Booty accepts the Heisman Trophy in New York this season he will undoubtedly thank his family, coach Carroll and the Trojan coaching staff, his offensive linemen, his receivers, his high school/ pop warner coach, and of course God. The one person he may forget to thank is Mark Sanchez, a person who has contributed an immeasurable amount to his greatness on the football field. Sanchez pushed Booty to edge last preseason in a competition for the starting quarterback position. Forcing Booty to perform an elite level everyday in practice to win the job. The results were quite remarkable for a first year starter.

Mark Sanchez will once again serve as Booty's primary back-up this season. Sanchez should get plenty of playing time this season as the Trojans should have the majority of their games decided by the end of the third quarter. Live game experience will be extremely important for Sanchez as he prepares himself for the battle to end all battles next season.

Next season's quarterback battle will feature both the 2004 & 2005 High School Parade All-American Player of the Year. Sanchez vs. Mustain. There will be no shortage of media attention given to this battle next season. Everyone has their opinion on who they think will win this quarterback competition. However until we see the two head-to-head in practice against the same defense, nothing can be said definitively.

Feel free to discuss your opinions here.

Everyone here knows who I proudly endorse....

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The Dirty...starting in 2008