Tuesday, August 14, 2007


PCBE and myself attended another Fall camp practice this morning and were again impressed with several players. Aaron Corp seems to be picking up the offense a little more each day and was completing some difficult throws today. Mark Sanchez looked pretty upbeat on the sidelines this morning as well. Vidal Hazelton sat out much of practice with an unknown injury, while Rojo took plenty of reps at slot. Again, the defense was giving the first team fits. And thats a good sign. The rumors are true about Chauncey Washington as he really has slimmed down and looks very, very smooth. It seems as though he has benefited from an excellent spring and summer, not having to worry about passing classes, and being able to condition himself better.

The geniuses over at ESPN have pulled out the crystal balls and predicted the results of the 2007 bowl season. And the results are in. USC is predicted to to win the BCS national championship game by all 12 experts, ranging from USC homer Colin Cowherd to analyst Jim Donnan. They have USC downing teams such as LSU, West Virginia, and Texas.

While we love our Traveler and being Trojans, we have to pay due to possibly the best mascot of all....compliments of EDSBS.

Ivan Maisel has penciled an All-American team and USC has the most players on it.

CNNSI has got their scouting report on USC and we're holdin it down at #1. Shocker there.

The cards are stacked in our favor with a Heisman contender at QB, a savage defense returning, and some serious blue chips at wide receiver. Not to mention, THE WIZARD at head coach.While most teams seem to fold under such pressure (cough..Ohio State..cough), USC and coach Pete welcome the challenge with open arms. While the clowns at Westwood High run around like chickens on acid, the beast slowly starts to move in for the kill, one team at a time. September 1st can't arrive soon enough as everyone seems a little anxious these days. No wonder Dennis Erickson wanted out of this game, for Idaho will surely be brought in as a sacrifice to the Gods. There will be hitting. And there will be blood. Lots of blood.

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mel kiper fan said...

Good job on the EDSBS link to Ralphie, who is hands down the best live animal mascot ever.