Friday, August 10, 2007

Countdown to Kickoff: 21 Days

As we continue our countdown toward the 2007 season, we are now only 21 days away from seeing Traveler gallop up and down the Coliseum as the Trojans score touchdown after touchdown. Representing #21 for the Trojans this season is junior tailback Allen Bradford. Bradford is a BEAST. Better yet, Bradford is a Renaissance Beast. He can beat you in multiple ways from multiple positions. He's quick and powerful. He can play running back, fullback, safety, linebacker; wherever he's needed he is willing, ready, and capable of ripping the opposition a new asshole.

Bradford spent last season moving back and forth from offense to defense from one position to the other as coaches tried to best figure out how to use his talents. This season Bradford will focus specifically on the running back position. After a full of spring/offseason at one position Bradford is ready to show the coaches what he is capable of. had this to say about Bradford after Wednesday's practice...
Allen Bradford continues to show the best combination of size, speed and agility of anyone out there.
Everyone here at USC Sports Talk knows how much I get off to freshman DE Everson Griffen. Well this is what Bradford had to say to the highly touted freshman.

I see you Griff...

Get some!


The Inland Empire product should continue to impress coaches today as the Trojans suit up in full pads. More pads = more contact = more punishment.

Fight On!

Practice Update 08/10/07: During a drill where the running backs and fullbacks have to try to block blitzing linebackers Allen Bradford handled Keith Rivers, tossing him to the ground. Keith Rivers who is on the Lott, Nagurski, Bednarik, and Lombardi Award watch list.

He is a true "Monster in this Game," as his tattoo states.

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Joey said...

Bradford is a beast and if he can pick up blitzes like that, unlike Moody and Gable, Booty will feel alot more comfortable with him in the backfield.