Monday, August 13, 2007

Weekend Wrap

A great, relaxing weekend for all those at USC Sports Talk. I finally made it out to my first fall practice on Saturday afternoon, and I came away very impressed with the intensity at which practice was run. Beyond goes.

Pac-Man made his first in-ring appearance at TNA: Hard Justice, but it wasn't what fans expected. Just like Thursday when he was supposed to show, but only had that 40 second promo. On Sunday, he was surrounded by police when he hit the stage. Very disappointing.

I am a huge fan of EDSBS, and if you click here and read Monday's posts, you'll see why. This has always been a favorite site of mine and I can only think of one more college football countdown that I would rather read than ours, and its this one.

Here is an article that speaks volumes about the Pac-10. Taj Gibson and O.J. gettin some love. Ignore all the assmilk about Kevin Love, by the way. Check out Doug Gottlieb's column as well.

An AP writer predicts a Texas-USC rematch in January. We win it this time. Big.

Entourage: E looks like he's got a new client for the Murphy Group.What was the verdict on Ari's wife? Anybody? Only 3 episodes left. I think I speak for everyone when I say....Fuck.

Have a happy Monday. I won't.

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