Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Countdown to Kickoff: 16 Days

As we continue on our daily countdown towards the 2007 season, we are now 16 days away from kicking off another season of USC Football. We got a double shot of Trojan QBs wearing #16 this season, 5th year senior Mike McDonald and the all-world sophomore transfer Mitch Mustain...

McDonald (above) will serve as USC's holder for the 2nd straight season, and is currently the backup to senior QB John David Booty as Mark Sanchez recovers from a thumb injury sustained during the 1st scrimmage of fall camp. Mustain (below) comes to USC with an already impressive resume after transferring from the University of Arkansas. He was the #1 rated QB in the 2006 recruiting class, but transferred to USC with teammate Damien Williams following a tumultuous freshman season. He must sit this season out per NCAA rules, but Mustain is already causing a stir amongst fans. Most USC fans are split 50/50 on the race for the 2008 starting QB; there are those loyal to Sanchez, and those who are ready to anoint Mustain as the next Heisman Trophy winner (me). Whichever way you feel, it's simply amazing that USC will have 3 very good QBs, who can probably start anywhere else in the country, competing for the starting job next season.

Fight On!


. said...

Ok, 50/50? More like 90/10. Any and everyone except the page seven wag and drama queen Scott Wolf(or his acolytes) say that it is a lock for Sanchez barring injury. I'm starting to think it is either the Mexican thing or the need for something with you few people.

Summer said...

Totally agree, Mustain will win the job and Sanchez will transfer out in a few months. The general consensus among everyone who has been to practice and scrimmages is that Mustain is far better than Sanchez, with Sanchez having not only regressed since coming to SC, but appearing to be a complete college failure.

Even those who supported Sanchez in the past have now started to admit that Mustain is better and will start in 2008.

Mustain really is an All World talent and he could win the Heisman by 2009. Sanchez is finished.

USC 2005 said...

Yeah...Mustain is tons better than Sanchez and will start next year. It will not even be close. Mustain came to USC for the sole intention of starting and that is what he will do.

Joey said...

I wouldn't go that far, sorry. Mustain has yet to take snaps against the first team defense, and I think the pressure is on him because he doesn't have his high school O-coordinator to baby him here. Sanchez is next in line and unless Mustain BEATS him out of the job, Mustain is going to Tulsa.

Anonymous said...

Well, duh, any fool knows that Mustain will beat out Sanchez. Sanchez gets intercepted, over and over again, by the most useless walk ons, constantly fumbles the ball, is the most inaccurate QB in a long time, with each ball either being far overthrown or landing far short of its target. He also seems to love getting sacked, so much so that he keeps letting it happen at every opportunity.

Sanchez is also overweight and slow. He has shown nothing since arriving at USC other than landing in jail for rape. Way to make an ass of yourself, Sanchez!

Heck, Mustain is in a whole other league than Sanchez. That boy went 8-0 as a true freshman in the SEC and beat No. 2 Auburn by a very large margin. What was Sanchez's highlight of 2006? Being handcuffed and led away in a police car for a sex crime? Yeah, that's quite an proud accomplishment.

Mustain will start in 2008 and Sanchez will transfer to UNLV in a few months. Sanchez has been the biggest bust we've had since Whitney Lewis. But at least Lewis never got arrested.

No way, no how, anyone can beat Mustain for the starting job in 2008. It will never happen. Mustain will start in 2008 and Corp will be #2 on the depth chart.

mel kiper fan said...

Wow, I wrote this post as neutral as I could, even though I'm rooting for Mustain to win the job in '08. But I'd have to agree with you guys, Mustain is the better QB. He will benefit from sitting out a year while he learns the offense and practices against the best defense in the country. The only thing Sanchez has going for him is his experience in the system, but Mustain will be up to par with him soon.

PCbestever said...

Overweight and slow? The biggest bust since Whitney Lewis? We're obviously not watching the same quarterback.

Mark Sanchez is the most athletic quarterback on the roster (now that Green is a receiver) and he also has the strongest arm.

How can you consider him a bust when he's in the same position Booty was in at the start of his 3rd season. Booty would have been just as highly touted as Sanchez had he stayed for his senior year of HS. And at the start of his 3rd season Booty was the backup QB competing with a 5-star All-American underclassmen in practice.

Everyone makes a big deal about Mustain going 8-0 in the powerful SEC. That doesn't mean shit. He wasn't playing against Florida and LSU. No, he went up against Louisiana-Monroe and Southeast Missouri State. And it wasn't like he put up magical numbers against those teams. It's not hard to win games against Mississippi and Utah St. when you have Darren McFadden and Felix Jones in the backfield.

I'm glad Mustain is on our team. The competition during practice will only make Sanchez better. Once he's healthy we will get plenty of opportunities to see him play this season.

The Dirty 08

RG3 said...

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. The SEC is fucking overrated. It's an average conference where the teams beat up on each other since they're all equally weak. Until Mustain is putting up Heisman-like numbers on a team that matters, then he can sit his ass on the bench like everyone else and compete for the job.

USC 2005 said...

"He wasn't playing against Florida and LSU. No, he went up against Louisiana-Monroe and Southeast Missouri State."

Uh, Mustain beat #2 Auburn 27-10. Yes, the NUMBER TWO ranked team in the country! But don't let facts get in the way of your ignorance.

Sanchez is the slowest QB on the roster and quite some margin.

What happened at the scrimmage last night? That's right, Mustain was the highlight.

3 for 3, 54 yards, 1 TD

What were Sanchez's numbers at last week's scrimmage?

Mark Sanchez 4-8 29 yards 1 INT

Mustain will start in 2008 and it will not even be close.

Joey said...

Yeah, Mustain beat Auburn by throwing for 80 yards on 10 attempts. Wow, thats a really dominating performance. McFadden and Jones carried that team to victory last season and in that game particularly. Mustain had a Heisman finalist in his backfield for Christ's sake.

Sanchez takes alot of snaps against the first team and they find mistakes in his game, so don't judge Mustain and Sanchez on some 20 play scrimmage. Once they both go against the same units consistently, then we can begin to critique.

PCbestever said...

Joey's right. You cant compare their scrimmage stats. Here's Mustain's touchdown pass.
That's real fuckin impressive. A pass to Jordan Campbell who gets by that MONSTER OF A CORNER Jim Abbott