Wednesday, August 15, 2007

BREAKING NEWS : Moody Transfers

The Los Angeles Times reports that tailback Emmanuel Moody will transfer to another school. The article goes into all the details surrounding his transfer, and we don't care to get into that here. USC Sports Talk and all of Trojan Nation wishes him the best of luck and health wherever he goes.

P.S. We are now down to 9 star tailbacks.


. said...

Desmond Reed isn't in the mix with his injury- he's more of a spot guy after being mangled by ND's grounds keeper. Dennis is not the engine that could, his knee is already out again but we already knew that. Taylor is going to redshirt to recover from his leg break last year. Green may be right with him for future depth purposes from what is reported.

PC and McKnight have been on the record as saying they're using him in limited spots next year.

And fan fave Chauncey should be with us but let's face it, he hasn't played a full year since he's been here.

So we have four and half backs, to be generous, for three and half slots.

So where is this excessive depth people are talking about?

Joey said...

There's plenty of depth. Chanucey starts with Stafon getting lots of carries as well. Short yardage calls for Green and Bradford. Bradford can also sub in during normal situations.

Hersh's knees won't do 25-30 carries a game, but thats irrelevant because of Chauncey. Don't forget McKnight lining up at tailback, slot, etc...
Oh, C.J. Gable is pretty shifty and proved he can handle a bulk of carries. Reed can help out if needed.

Who says that ain't depth? Take UT for instance, Texas has Jamaal Charles and no one after that. The drop off from Charles to the 2nd guy is huge. At USC, the drop-off from 1 to 3 in about nothing.

Adam said...

I think this will prove to be a big loss for us. Moody would have had a big year this year.. He has the moves and is bigger then McKnight plus the experience.

Joey said...

Stay positive, adam. Stafon is back. If you haven't had a chance to make it out to a practice, get out there. All your worries will be relieved. Its kind of like addition by subtraction with Moody leaving. Everyone isn't so nervous anymore, yet the competition remains high. And the tailbacks will get more reps, since Moody is gone.

Also, this opens the door for more blue chip running backs because 9 on the roster isn't as bad as 10, right?

Jonathan Stallsmith said...

Joey, I doubt Adam has been to practice. Joe McKnight was incredible the first couple weeks, although he's out temporarily right now. There's no doubt that I'd rather have "Reggie" McKnight out there than Emmanuel Moody. Best of luck to Moody though, I'm sure he'll do really well somewhere.