Thursday, August 16, 2007

Moody's Departure Clears the Way for Real Backs

The LA Times is reporting that sophomore tailback Emmanuel Moody is transferring from USC. According to the LA Times Moody feels as though he has been "forgotten," due to his injuries and the depth at tailback.

Many believed that a transfer was inevitable. Especially with 10 scholarship high school All-American backs on the roster. Whether or not anyone predicted a transfer its always tough losing a player who committed himself to the university. I wish the best of luck to Moody at Oklahoma St. or wherever he chooses to transfer to.

Where does this leave USC? This is actually good news for Trojan fans. Whatever carries Moody would have received are now going to be split amongst the more talented sophomores Stafon Johnson and Allen Bradford. It's been well documented that Stafon Johnson has been lighting it up this fall. If there was a game tomorrow The Prince of L.A. would be the #2 back behind Chauncey Washington. (As it is in NCAA Football 2008)

Sports Illustrated should have waited a few weeks before they released their College Football Preview which features Trojans C.J. Gable, Chauncey Washington, and former Trojan Emmanuel Moody on the regional cover. No worries. I took the time to correct their mistakes.



Joey said...

Stafon should have been on the cover in the first place. Or Hersh. In fact, Hersh would have looked sick on the cover with all his tattoos.

Conquest Chronicles said...

very nice photoshop!

PCbestever said...

there's a reason moody isn't featured on the football calendar