Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Tailback U

One of several regional covers for this season. Comments welcome.


RG3 said...

Two of the three of the "featured" running backs shouldn't be on that cover. The RB's that should have graced the cover are Chauncey, Hersh and Stafon.

Jonathan Stallsmith said...

No, the running back that should be on there is Joe McKnight. Coincidentally, he's the feature of my USC Football Facts series for today.

Adam said...

how do you think the RB lineup will shape up?
I think they will use McKnight based on the health of Moody.
Stafon and chauncey will be the main rotation, with Bradford on short yards or as a catching full back

Joey said...

I think Chauncey has cemented himself as the #1 back, but McKnight is gonna be thrown everywhere. I also feel Stafon gets tons of carries. Your right about Bradford as he will get short yardage calls.

As said before, I think Moody gets the short end of the stick here. Hersh will hopefully play himself into the rotation when he gets healthy.