Sunday, April 1, 2007

The Face of UCLA basketball

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A picture says a thousands words. Some words or phrases that come to mind when seeing this image of Michael Roll in the locker room are, "overrated," "shooting bricks," and "dusty championship banners." Better luck next year kids. Just hope you don't meet Florida again.


Joey said...

Fuck Roll....this guy sucks. He's a decent spot-up shooter at best. I argued with D before the game in Roll's favor, saying he was "lights out" when open. He showed he can make shots when he is WIDE open, but he can't create his own shot nor can he make a BIG shot. Overrated just like the rest of the Ruins.

mel kiper fan said...

Someone needs to find a pic of that Keefe guy, he just as bad, if not worse than Roll. Good thing both of these guys are coming back to fucla next season.

AlNic said...

Do either of you play for a college basketball team? Or do you sit and post stupid shit all day long while you sit in your parent's basement playing World of Warcraft or something lame like that? FUCK OFF!