Monday, April 2, 2007

New Banner Proposal

Good work coach Howland.... Keep hanging new banners


RG3 said...

They can hang this next to all the other championship banners they're so proud of... even though they happened like 30 fucking years ago.

mel kiper fan said...

They're gonna need an R.I.P John Wooden banner soon too

Steven said...

1995 isn't 30 years ago. but you're a trojan, i can't expect you to do subtraction correctly.
yeah, we did lose to florida two years in a row, by exactly the same team, while, our players went to the nba, and theirs stayed to play college basketball.
oh wait, sorry for leaving you out, what did the USC basketball team do during these two years? yeah, i thought so. btw, in 2008, losing the first round to a lower seed, just doesn't cut it in the NCAA.