Sunday, April 1, 2007

Championship Game Preview

Unfortunately for sports fans out there, we will have a repeat of the BCS Championship Game matchup between Florida and Ohio St. in this year's basketball championship game. This is an awful matchup. I say this because Florida and Ohio St. are some of my most hated schools. I've disliked Florida athletics since Stever Spurrier was roaming the sidelines with his shitty visor and I've never liked the Buckeye stickers Ohio St. puts on their helmets. The feelings of disgust naturally filtered down to their basketball programs as well. I mean how can anyone root for a team that had a guy like Matt Walsh?

The game might be good if Greg Oden can play more than 20 minutes in the game. This guy picks up fouls faster than Aaron Awful-0 did in Saturday's Final Four game. I don't like Oden. I just can't root for a 30 year old man playing against a bunch of kids. It's just not fair. This guy looks older than LeBron.

I really don't know who to root for. Probably the only things I like about these schools are their mascots. Albert Gator and Brutus Buckeye are some of the funniest looking mascots out there. I guess the only thing I'm hoping for are injuries to the teams' key players. Instead of rooting for Florida or Ohio St., I'll root for torn ACL's. Enjoy the game.

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