Saturday, April 28, 2007

USC hopefuls in the 2007 NFL Draft

Conquest Chronicles has a nice draft day preview for our USC Trojans that are looking to get drafted this weekend. Be sure to go on there and share your thoughts. I'm not sure if LB's Oscar Lua and Dallas Sartz, or WR Chris McFoy will be selected in this year's draft, but I'll highlight the 3 studs who all have a chance to go in the 1st Round in the paragraphs below. As for Lua, Sartz, and McFoy: they'll probably have to take the undrafted route and earn an opportunity in the league through NFL Europe, like former Trojans Justin Wyatt, John Walker, and Tom Malone are doing right now.

In my final mock draft projection, I listed Dwayne Jarrett as the only Trojan selected in the 1st Round, but keep in mind that Ryan Kalil and Steve Smith are two of the fastest rising prospects in this draft. I wouldn't be shocked at all to hear their all of their names in Round 1. Below is a breakdown of where I think each one may go...

WR Dwayne Jarrett - Projection: #23 Kansas City Chiefs

There are plenty of teams that need a WR. In order of their selections, they are: #7 Minnesota, #11 San Francisco, #13 St. Louis, #16 Green Bay, #19 Tennessee, #20 NY Giants, #21 Denver, #23 Kansas City, #25 NY Jets, #26 Philadelphia, #30 San Diego, and #31 Chicago. Though all of these teams are in dire need of a WR, I think the earliest that Jarrett will go is #16 to the Packers. Jarrett is just too talented, and there are too many potential suitors for me to believe that he will fall out of the 1st Round.

C Ryan Kalil - Projection: 2nd Round, #33 Oakland Raiders

I believe that Ryan Kalil will be the best pro in this Trojan draft class, and maybe even the best lineman overall. Kalil has 1st Round talent and value, but the problem is that the teams that really like him (which is probably all 32) have so many more pressing needs than center. The teams to keep on eye on though are: #20 NY Giants, #21 Denver, #22 Dallas, #24 and #28 New England, # 27 New Orleans, #29 Baltimore, #33 (2nd Rd) Oakland, #34 Detroit, #40 Miami, #42 San Francisco, #46 Pittsburgh, and #52 St. Louis. Kalil is the kind of player teams trade up for so it'll be interesting to see where he goes. I'd give him 50% chance to go 1st Round.

WR Steve Smith - Projection: 2nd Round, #41 Minnesota Vikings

Steve is a hot commodity these days. I believe he has a 33% chance to go in the 1st Round, but the problem is that this is such a deep draft when it comes to WR's. Steve Smith displays leadership, toughness, quickness and great route running. He is the definition of a FOOTBALL PLAYER. However, unless there is an early run on WR's, Smith is likely to fall to the 2nd Round. Possible destinations for Smith include: #20 NY Giants, #21 Denver, #22 Dallas, #23 Kansas City, #25 NY Jets, #26 Philadelphia, #27 New Orleans, #30 San Diego, #31 and #37 Chicago, #36 Tampa Bay, and # 40 Miami. I guarantee that Smith will not drop below Tennessee at #50, where he'd be re-united with his old OC Norm Chow.

The Raiders are now on the clock...good luck to all our guys.

Fight On!

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mel kiper fan said...

None of our guys went in the 1st. Jarrett and Smith saw 6 WRs selected in the 1st Round, and Ryan Kalil just didn't have a place to go that was in dire need of a center.