Sunday, April 22, 2007

Notre Dame Sucks!!

We know our counterparts from across town aren't having much of a spring, and boy does Karl Dorrell suck, hopefully he can stick around uclgay for a while and keep those 6-6 seasons coming. Before I digress any more, let's check up on our rivals from South Bend. Notre Dame fans got their much anticipated first look at freshman QB Jimmy Clausen on Saturday at their annual spring game. Apparently, Notre Dame focused on their running game throughout spring practices, but maybe they just don't want to show anything to their opponents yet. Due to the heavy emphasis on the run by Coach Weis, none of the 4 QB's battling to replace long time starter Brady Quinn ever really shined. That includes Clausen, who was hailed as Quinn's heir apparent as soon as he committed to the Irish a year ago. Clausen has battled injuries this spring and is not a lock to be Notre Dame's starting QB when they open the season versus Georgia Tech on September 1st. Whether he wins the starting job or not, we can all agree on one thing, the guy is funny looking and will continue to be heckled for the rest of his career. Here's a fun pic of Jimmy "Emu" Clausen courtesy of 82 Sluggo Win (by way of the MZone).


Joey said...

Clausen is a pussy. Plain and simple. He knew he would get beat out by Sanchez and wanted no part of getting buried on the depth chart. I'm just glad he gets to play against that stacked defensive that Carrol has lined up for the next 3 years. Galippo and the Freak Everson Griffen are gonna lay him out every time. Before we know it, he'll be a wash just like his brothers.

mel kiper fan said...

Maybe Weis will let the grass grow mid-calf when we play them in October, Desmond Reed might want a little bit of revenge that day.

RG3 said...

Notre Dame blows cock. They can bring out their green jerseys, Rudy and put land mines on the field and still lose to USC. I can't wait to see what Maualuga and Co. have in store for the "lucky" soul who gets the starting job.

I bet Charlie "Mom Jeans" Weis is already making a game plan. The only problem is that his game plan involves guys like Ambrose Wooden trying to stop a USC receiver... that guy can't even catch a cold, much less catch up to Turner, Hazelton, Ausberry, or RoJo.