Friday, April 27, 2007

This Weekend

Classes have finally ended and finals don't start for another week. Here are some things happening this weekend that you should be aware of.

1) NBA Playoffs: Will the Bulls continue their dominance of the Heat and send Dwyane Wade home crying? Will the Mavericks finally get their shit together and play like the record's best NBA team? Leave comments here.

2) Studying for Finals? Thats funny. Fuck that. Unless you, (dudeeee, I have like 9 finals this week) are a douchebag.

3) Weekend OVER/UNDER: Kobe dropping 50 on the Suns in game 4.

4) NFL DRAFT: Unless you are a freak, no one will watch longer than the 2nd pick or wrap up on ESPNEWS. But we'll see where Trojans Jarrett, Kalil, and Smith end up. I am sure, scratch that, fuckin positive, that we will have a write up on the NFL Draft as early as Saturday night. Check back for Mel Kiper Jr's report.

Finally, there has been some discussion lately about where Jarrett falls in the draft and how his comparison to Mike Williams is killing his draft status. I leave you this and remind you that we never saw this DOMINATION from Jarrett on a regular basis. Just something to remind you all about. Have a good weekend. Fight on !

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mel kiper fan said...

Haha, thanks for recognizing me Joey. I'll have a complete wrap up of day 1 of the draft Saturday night. I'll highlight where Jarrett, Kalil, and Smith go, and what to expect from them and the team that picks them. Also included will be my draft day winners and losers.