Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Mike Williams anyone?

It looks like Mike Williams' career in Detroit is all but over. I read earlier this month that the Lions coaching staff was upset with Williams' no-show at the teams first organized team activity. This didn't surprise me considering the only noteworthy reports on Williams since he was drafted have been about him being overweight and late to team meetings. However, I was surprised to find out that Mike Williams has missed all the teams activities this entire offseason. Apparently he's been hanging out here in Southern California. A friend of mine told me he played a basketball game with Williams today in the Lyons Center. Here's an informative article from Lions Insider with some insight into Williams' future.

Receiver Mike Williams, who blew off the team's recent off-season workouts, could be traded before Saturday's draft. It has been speculated (including here) that the Lions might prefer to cut Williams rather than trade him because of the salary cap implications

The good news is my friend said Williams appeared to be in great shape. He said Williams was cut up and lost a lot of weight.

Favre to Williams... Touchdown! Green Bay!


mel kiper fan said...

The two teams that make the most sense as possible landing spots for BMW.

(1)Tennessee Titans: he would be re-united with his former offensive coordinator at USC Norm Chow, on a team looking for a WR.

(2)Oakland Raiders: under newly hired Coach Lane Kiffin, BMW's WR coach at USC, assuming they draft JaMarcus Russell over WR Calvin Johnson. Owner Al Davis loves USC guys, especially if they're 6'5", big body types.

Joey said...

Boy, Mike Williams took a dive...err...more like a swan dive into the pool of disappointment.