Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Why smoking crack and writing don't mix

This afternoon, I came across this fresh, warm hoard of bullshit. I don't know which sounds more retarded:
1) UCLA being ranked in the Preseason Football Top-10
2) UCLA being predicted to beat USC. At the Coliseum. In December. By 20. To Win the Pac-10.

Your everyday senior writer Dennis Dodd, and I stress senior, because typically seniors have proven themselves legitimate and usually write provocative work. This jackass basically breathes shit gas and then mentions how the "UCLA minister of Propaganda" breathes even more shit gas. I urge you to read with caution. And I am pretty sure Pete Carroll has a copy of UCLA's spring guide and will keep it in mind when UCLA comes into the Lion's Den on December 1st.

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mel kiper fan said...

That's awfully big talk from a miniscule sports writer. USC's two biggest margins of defeat under Carroll came in 2001, his first season at Troy, when the Trojans fell at Notre Dame 27-16, and then a 27-20 overtime loss to Kansas State in 2002. And of USC's 6 losses since 2002, only K-State beat us by more than 4.

USC is 59-6 in those season's and undefeated at home, having won 33 straight at the Coliseum. What makes this so-called "expert" think a team like fucla, who went 7-6 last year including a loss to Florida State in the Emerald Bowl, can beat the most talented team that Carroll has ever fielded.

We all know that last year's 13-9 was both a product of bot a fluke, and Lane Kiffin's ineptitude. Can't wait til December 1st when uclGAY visits the Coliseum.

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