Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Murder suspect on the loose

The police have released this photo of the suspect

Alias: The Brazilian Blur

He is guilty of demolishing the Lakers' "defense" and putting the Lakers one game closer to their second 1st round exit in two seasons.


PCbestever said...

I know the Lakers are bad, but are the Suns this good? The Suns look like an all-star team against the Lakers. The only good thing to come out of this series is Smush Parker losing his starting point guard spot.

Joey said...

The Suns are good, but I think the Lakers are just that bad. Seriously, without Kobe, I think Oral Roberts can beat the lakers. You gotta like Usher though!!!

mel kiper fan said...

Hey Joey, you mean URSHER? I prefer Luda's pronunciation. Anyway, the Lakers are just absolutely terrible. The Suns make good teams look bad, but the Lakers are downright awful. It's time for GM Mitch Kupchak to go. Someone get Jerry West back in LA.

RG3 said...

The Lakers "defense" was absolutely terrible tonight. The Suns had 68 points at halftime. It's a shame Kobe has a shitty supporting cast. As much as I hate that guy, it's just not right to be so talented and have to share the ball with a guy named "Smush".