Saturday, March 31, 2007

Florida 76 ucla 66 --- Job Well Done Gators

Albert Gator was clapping in approval as his Gators "Roll"ed past the fucla on its way to the National Championship game versus Ohio State. All Mata could do was drape a towel over his head. How sweet was it to see Michael Roll crying like a baby, and the disappointment in Howland as he walks off the court after that major beat down. Here are some of my favorite images from Florida's triumph over the Ruins.


PCbestever said...

Well, at least fucla fans have one thing to look forward to, another year with awful-0. The stats show 17pts but he was a no factor throughout the game. He played himself out of a possible top 20 pick.

mel kiper fan said...

This is courtesy of Albert Gator 07 who posted on bruinsnation last night after fucla's humiliating loss...

My favorite 10 moments of tonight....

10) Humphrey draining a 3 every time chubby face,bald Howland thought his troops would show some life. Everyone talks about Roll as a "pure shooter". The guy sucks and it showed tonight. Roll is scenery for god's sake and Humphrey showed his range and superior instincts.

9)Joakim Noah's Dad in his shades laughing at UCLA's pathetic attemped comeback.

8)Richard "blasting Mata in the face like a Jackson Pollack" on every putback. The only difference between tonight and last year was Mata wearing that stupid mask. Same WEAK UCLA front court, same rape outcome. And how the hell did Moute foul out with 10 minutes left. Howland? Defense? Very funny.

7)Howland out of timeouts at the beginning of the second half. This guy is an average coach at best and it showed as he made no adjustments during the game, excpet whining a little more. Fuck that guy. Go have lunch with your butt-buddy Jamie Dixon from Pitt. Maybe he can give you a coaching tip or two. And some Rogaine.

7a) The way Howland worked the refs as if they weren't calling a fair game. Was is the ref's fault when Mata got facialed by Horford or when Humphrey stuck one from range? I didn't think so. UCLA lost because they are an overhyped, defensive minded team that plays NO defense. Simple as that.

6)Arron AWFUL-O picks up 2 quick fouls. UCLA and defense don't belong in the same sentence. They played no defense tonight despite all their pre-game chatter about lack of respect and improvement. I think UCLA was worse this year than last year.

5. Collison=NO FACTOR. This guy was plain terrible. No doubt about it. This guy shot 3-14 for a grand total of....dick. BruinsNation needs to get the scouting report right because he was outplayed all night by a superior player in Taurean Green. I don't give a shit how many gold medals his parents won, he should have never picked up a basketball. Also, somewhere Farmar just got beat off the dribble. Again.

4. Noah and Horford punking Mata, Aboya, and Mbah AMoute all game long. What was that? Did Mata just slide on his back across the paint....if only his game was as good as his looks. A +20 rebound advantage at around the 7 minute mark in the second half. Does Howland teach "boxing out". Or better yet, does UCLA practice at all or do they just jerk each other off in the locker room. After watching tonight's game, I would guess the latter.

3)Shipp staring down the Gators everytime he scored. Little did he know that all of America was laughing at his amateur game. How's the hip? it doesn't matter, and neither do you.

2) Brewer "making it rain" and locking down the UCLA backcourt and showing how defense should be played. Perhaps Howland should read the recently published book "How to not look like Karl Dorrel on the sideline". Pathetic. Just pathetic.

2a) Billy Packard revealing that Kevin Love is a flaming homosexual who enjoys the Beach Boys while he is getting a warm, thick cock in his ass. I wonder what "Any day now" Wooden thinks about a homosexual in his program. Or if he even knows who Kevin Love is without pooping himself.

drum roll..............

1)Arron AWFUL-0.........notice the number 0, not the letter O. (t-shirts coming soon) He scored 0 points until the 6 minute mark when Florida decided to call off the dogs. Very funny to see AWFUL-0 try to save face by jacking up shots late in the second half. Since when do they give chumps 1st team AP All_America? Bullshit, this guy is more overrated than any player
I have ever seen. He better go pro before Mayo arrives in LA and takes his lunch. And I believe he has already taken his shoe contract. The pac-10 is probably begging for AWFUL-0 to come back so he could fold like a tent in games that matter. AWFUL-0, something tells me UCLA won't hear the end of that. AWFUL-0...i love it.

I hate UCLA and their belief that they are "BACK". "BACK" means winning something and UCLA has won nothing. At any other school, success is measured in national championships, but these douchebags are happy to be in the FINAL 4. And it showed. Way to set the bar high Bruins. The sad part is that you have USC football to look forward to since your football program
is about equal to a junior college except without that one good high school player. Perhaps Howland could have dressed those old, dusty banners and substituted them for the starting lineup. Then maybe there would have been a game. Because that seems to be UCLA's defense for their school and terrible basketball team. The Gators outplayed UCLA on every level imaginable and the lame, trash-talking bloggers of BruinsNation must bow to Gator Nation and its dynasty. And to Albert. You heard it Nestor Molestor, you must bow and suck the scaly cock of Albert and swallow his final four glory. Go Gators !!

Great post Albert Gator 07. I'm not sure it could have been said any better...Fight On!!