Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Kevin Love = Not So Classy

Many fucla fans love to talk exaggerate lie about how classy their players and recruits are. Well it turns out they were right about incoming freshmen Kevin Love. Love is one of the classiest guys on the court, that is if you call violently kicking an opposing player and almost getting kicked out the game classy. That's right, turns out lover boy isn't the clean cut player that bruin fans get off to.
"...another storyline was Kevin Love trying to stomp on an opponent and nearly getting kicked out of the game."
This must be a bruin example of how the "National Player of the Year" demonstrates exemplary personal character on and off the court.

Here's a warning to all the fucla students...

If you see this guy at your local Denny's



Joey said...

Player of the Year my ass. Mayo won 3 state championships. Aaron Awful-) also got First Team All American, then we all know how he did after bestowed with that honor. Fuck UCLgay. Fight On!

Nestor said...

Love is the greatest player ever, better than Jordan. And I will continue to have wet dreams about him... I don't care that he has zero athletic ability and that he is only praised for his passing ability.

Also, it doesn't matter that he kicked another player. As long as UCLA continues to bring in inferior athletes in both major sports, our players on/off the court behavior is of no concern. No one cares about schools that haven't produced championships. So unlike $c, when our athletes get in a drunken accident and flee the seen it isn't on every channel/website/blog/newspaper.

Go Bruins!

P.S. I'm so f*ckin classy

Joey said...

Nestor has arrived! Wow...That post by Nestor reminded me of going to the zoo when I was a kid and the tour guide saying the lion is sleeping in his cave. All I can remember is being upset and saying, "Maaannnn....when is he gonna come out!!!??"

The war has begun...

RG3 said...

Everything that has been said about UCL-Gay on this blog was justified by the homosexual attraction felt by this "nestor" clown.

The reason why no one cares about stories of drunken kickers fleeing the scene of an accident is simple:

a) No one gives a rats ass about kickers.
b) Los Angeles is USC's town.

The cunts across the city can whine all they want about winning the shitty Lexus Gauntlet (i.e. Nintendo Power Glove) this year but they still can't erase the fact that their school color is "powder blue," UCLA has accomplished absolutely nothing in football and they all get wet dreams to a frail coach who farts dust.

Fuck UCLA.