Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Mike Williams on the Block

According to Lions Insider, Lions head coach Rod Marinelli was looking to give former USC WR Mike Williams the opportunity to prove his dedication to football, losing weight, and staying in shape. This was all before Williams missed the first organized team activity. Rumors about Williams being cut or traded have already begun to circulate. This is unfortunate for Williams, however it may give him the opportunity to shine somewhere else in a different system.

This guy dominated games at SC, and I see no reason why he cant be a force in the NFL. Williams doesn't have any off the field issues (he's not makin it rain at strip clubs) so whichever team lands him will be getting a big, tough, and talented young receiver with excellent hands.

Best Wishes Mike

Fight On!


mel kiper fan said...

Atlanta could use a WR that's 6'5", big body...Mike Vick needs guys that can catch

Joey said...

While I think we all can agree that BMW was a specimen at USC, he was also real lazy. Missing meetings? Gimme a break, you are a professional, act like it.

I am rooting hard for him to get his act together, but it doesn't look good when the Detroit Lions of all people are cutting you.