Friday, April 27, 2007

UCLA goes for 100*

Fucla currently holds the record for the most NCAA national championships with 99*. This weekend fucla's women's gymnastics team will be playing for fucla's 100*th national championship. Women's gymnastics? Fucla could hit the century mark with a national championship in women's gymnastics? Now I'm not hating on women's gymnastics. Its actually one of my favorite events to watch during the Olympics. However this did make me curious as to how fucla managed to win 99* national championships.

Here is the breakdown of fucla's 99* national championships.
men's basketball: 11
men's golf: 1
women's golf: 2
men's gymnastics: 2
women's gymnastics: 5
men's soccer: 4
women's softball: 10
men's swimming & diving: 1
men's tennis: 16
women's indoor track & field: 2
men's outdoor track & field: 8
women's outdoor track & field: 3
men's volleyball: 19
women's volleyball: 3
men's water polo: 8
women's water polo: 4
What I discovered is that 19 of fucla's 99* national championships are in sports that USC doesn't have. The only thing, historically and currently, that makes fucla relevant is its rivalry with USC. Which makes me question the validity of any championships fucla wins in which they do not have to compete with the Trojans. Subtracting those 19 national championships gives fucla a total of 80. This puts fucla at #3 all-time right behind USC with 84. From now on USC Sports Talk will always refer to fucla's 99* national championships with the presence of an asterisk.


FYI USC holds the record for the most men's national championships with 73 (soon to be 74). Fucla follows USC (as they always should) with 70* (actual number = 64).

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