Monday, April 16, 2007

L.A. home to LA natives Part II

So the pattern continues. Tourney Tim adds another Louisiana native to his roster. However this player isn't just your average Louisiana native. Floyd secured a verbal commitment from Percy "Romeo" Miller, son of Percy Miller aka Master P. Master P is a platinum recording artist, actor, thriving businessman and a local icon in the City of New Orleans.

USC is starting to look very comfortable to 2008's top prospect, Greg Monroe, who is also from the state of Louisiana.

Here's a short bio on Master P for all the uneducated cunt muscles in Westwood who will undoubtedly hate on Romeo's commitment.


PCbestever said... brings up a good point about the number of scholarships available in 2008. This is something Ill have to look into

Conquest Chronicles said...

of course our "friends" from across town are having fun with this. I give floyd credit for being creative.

Joey said...

something tells me romeo is part of the package. And is so, Floyd knows how the game is played and I am glad we have a coach willing to do what is necessary to get this program up to par

mel kiper fan said...

the bloggers of westwood are talking about how it's a shame that howland didn't recruit bow wow