Tuesday, April 10, 2007

L.A. home to LA natives

Tim Floyd has done an excellent job recruiting talented players out of the state of Louisiana. Every year since Tourney Tim has been at SC he has brought in a Louisiana native; Ryan Francis, Dwight Lewis, Leonard Washington and Marcus Simmons. Trojan basketball fans can only hope that this pattern continues in 2008 with the recruitment of Greg Monroe, the #1 rated high school basketball player. Floyd will have to compete with Duke and LSU for Monroe's commitment.

We will keep you updated on the recruitment of Monroe throughout the offseason.
Here's what we have to look forward to...



mel kiper fan said...

Let's not forget about PC bringing in Joe McKnight

PCbestever said...

Having Reggie Bush as a representative to the university in New Orleans has also gotta help. Considering he's down there rebuilding houses, donating clothes, and raising money to keep schools open. Not to mention people see him everyday on tv BALLIN