Monday, April 30, 2007

Weekend Recap

Things that we witnessed this weekend:

1) NFL DRAFT: Full write up by Mel Kiper Fan. Disappointing day for Trojans named Dwayne Jarrett. Best wished to Steve Smith, Lua, Kalil, and Sartz.

2) NBA Playoffs: The Mavs are on the ropes (God help them) and the Bulls finished off the Heat. Pretty exciting first round so far. I am pretty sure the Suns and Spurs, even though they won't admit, are hoping for Dallas to lose because they want none of that 68-win team that has yet to show up.

3) 360: RG3 and I got plenty of Halo and Fifa in this weekend since there are no more classes. Also, since my buddy flaked out on Coachella, I was forced to drive around on the 91 listening to Rage Against The Machine while balling my eyes out.

4) Entourage: Vince needs to get rid of his psycho-bitch agent. Seriously. I liked Chuck Liddell gettting in Drama's face and the fact that Pauly Shore is still a loser. Ari also looks like he is back to himself. Good episode and will get VERY interesting.

April 30th sounds like a shitty day, but in reality, its not.
April 30th, 1945: Adolph Hitler and Eva Braun commit suicide after one day of marriage.
April 30th, 1966: The Church of Satan is born
April 30th, 1993: The World Wide Web is born.

Have a good day.

1 comment:

mel kiper fan said...

The NFL Draft was fun for me (as usual) but was a little bit too long, even for me.

The Mavs are in trouble, but the Bulls have all the makings of a team capable of making a deep run into the playoffs.

No X-Box for me this past weekend.

Entourage was pretty funny...great season so far.