Friday, May 18, 2007

End of School Year / Weekend Preview

Sorry for the relative inactivity on our blog, but we've been caught up with graduation celebrations and vacations and what not. Congratulations to my fellow contributor Joey, who graduated from the Marshall School of Business, as well as the rest of the USC Class of 2007 graduates.

With the school year behind us, we can reload this summer and get some R&R before football season kicks off. Our readers can expect plenty of material throughout the football season, but until then, we'll keep you guys entertained with plenty of fucla banter and Joey will share some of his thoughts on UFC.

Here's what I'll be watching this weekend (in chronological order):

1) NBA Playoffs: The Eastern Conference Finals matchup is now set, Cleveland will take on Detroit. I'm tired of seeing the Pistons, let's see LeBron grow as a player and live up to his expectations by delivering a berth in the NBA Finals. In the West, hopefully Phoenix can recover from the suspension of Diaw and Stoudemire to take out the crybaby Spurs.

2) Shrek the 3rd: All good stories have a trilogy (see Star Wars and Lord of the Rings), and who can't get enough of the big green ogre, donkey, and puss in boots.

3) MLB Interleague play: most notably, Dodgers @ Angels, Fri-Sun. Go Blue!

4) Entourage: Vince has gone back to Ari, and has now bought the rights to Medellin. Johnny Drama is now a star after the impressive debut of Five Towns and Turtle is looking to hook up with Kelly. Good season so far...

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