Thursday, May 31, 2007

Why I Hate Baseball.

I hate baseball. I've had this feeling for a couple of years now. Every year it seems there is more controversy with this "sport." The so-called "America's Pastime" is in dire need of salvation from itself. Steroid allegations run rampant and the league officials refuse to launch a real investigation into the matter. Sure, there have been some vague attempts at dealing with the steroid problem, but if Major League Baseball was serious about getting rid of the steroid problem, all of the suspected dopers would be suspended indefinitely until the investigation is complete.

The steroid problem is one of the main reasons I cannot stand baseball anymore. Barry Bonds is pursuing one of the greatest records in all of sports and he is only a couple of swings from becoming the all-time home run leader. Despite years of suspected steroid allegations, his ties with BALCO and side-stepping the media, Bonds has been allowed to keep playing baseball even though he's a fucking cheater. This is bullshit. For those of you who don't believe that this man has taken some sort of growth hormone, all the proof you need is here:

It's no secret that Bonds "hulked up" after the 1998 season. His legs, arms and chest got bigger as well as his big fucking head. His big ass head is large enough that it affects the tides. That shit has it's own gravitational pull. I don't care what sort of exercise program he's on, your head, your muscles and your body in general does not experience such growth playing baseball in your mid-30's.

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Besides the giant turd that the steroid problem is laying on baseball, another thing that pisses me off are the salaries of some of these athletes. I'm talking about A-Rod's astronomical salary. This guy is getting $252 million over 10 years. That comes out to $25.2 million every year, or $156,000 per game, or about $39,000 per at bat (assuming 4 at bats per game). This is fucking absurd. Sure, these guys have to play from April till October (if the team makes the playoffs) and they play 162 games, but still... 156 thousand fucking dollars per game? Fuck that. No player is worth that. Especially someone like Gay-Rod. Sure, the guy is pretty good and he might eventually be the best player (statistically) ever, but fuck this cunt.

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We all know about baseball's recent struggles (1994 strike, 2002 All-Star Game ending in a tie, A-Rod's salary, steroids), but this story is just appalling.

More proof that baseball sucks:

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There are a couple of funny moments that baseball has provided though. Here are a few of my favorites:

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Former Boston Red Sox pitcher, Pedro Martinez, grabbing 72-year old Yankees pitching coach, Don Zimmer, by the head and throwing him to the ground during the 2003 playoffs.

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Manny Ramirez selling an autographed grill on eBay.

There was also this altercation where minor league ballplayer, Izzy Alcantara was hit by a pitch and before he charged the mound, he kicked the catcher in the chest. Alcantara then charged the mound, swung at the pitcher and proceded to get his shit ruined by the rest of the infield.

Baseball has really taken a fall the last decade. Every record from the mid-90's till now should be marked with an asterisk on account of this being the Steroid Era. I hope that assbag Bonds doesn't break Hank Aaron's record. Bonds is a lying, cheating scumbag. A-Rod gets paid WAY too much money and you have people like Ozzie Guillen and Curt Schilling running their mouths everyday. The baseball season is too fucking long as well. There's nothing worse than waking up late in the summer, turning on the TV and seeing Fox Saturday Baseball showing an epic matchup between the Royals and Rangers. The College World Series also sucks ass. Double elimination? What the fuck is all that about?

Fuck baseball.
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13-9whathappened said...

You are a moron. Take a picture of any man when he is 26 years old and compare it to when he is 40. If the man isn't significantly larger there is something wrong. Particularly an athlete who works out constantly. Barry Bonds has never (I repeat NEVER) tested postive for steroids and that is why major league baseball has not and cannot suspend him. He admitted using a steroid substance and you can believe him or not that it was unknowingly. Personally I don't believe it. Nonetheless the guy hit the majority of his homeruns before he took steroids and he continues to be among the homerun leaders now at the age of 42 when he is under extreme scrutiny. I feel sorry for him because he didn't need to tarnish his obvious place among the greatest players of all time. Truthfully, your wrath should be directed at the "mother of all steroid users" USC's own Mark McGwire. Reportedly, it was his coronation at the home run king and his unchecked steroid use that caused Barry Bonds to consider competing at on an equal level with McGwire and Sosa. Why not the tirade against McGwire? Is it because he is white and attended USC? He admitted to Congress that he knowingly took steroids. Yet you hate baseball because of Bonds.

RG3 said...

I don't like Bonds as a Dodger fan and because I honestly believe he knowingly took steroids and has lied about his use. I actually forgot about McGwire. I was going to throw in the rest of the suspect names but I didn't want the post to be so long.

Now that you bring it up, I hate Mark McGwire as well. He pretty much nailed his own coffin shut in the court of public opinion during his Grand Jury testimony. The same goes for Sammy Sosa and Rafael Palmeiro. Throw in Jason Giambi to that list and I'm sure there are dozens of players who can also join the club along with these guys.

I hate baseball for several reasons, one of them being Barry Bonds. The College World Series sucks ass. Bud Selig is a douche and A-Rod is an overpaid scumbag.

Joey said...

The hate for Bonds is justified because he has always been obnoxious, whether it is to the media or to his teammates who secretly hate him and wish he had cancer. A steroid substance is still a steroid and justifies the cheater label that he receives. McGwire, Giambi, Palmeiro, and the other players who knowingly used steroids are in the same boat.

Don't pull the racism card. No one gives a shit about USC baseball except for USC baseball players and their parents. If you dislike McGwire more than Bonds, I think you are in the minority in this country. More importantly, I think its sad that baseball can't enforce its own rules and have to go to Congress to get shit done. I don't know about you, but I think its hard enough for those cocksuckers in Washington to get normal day to day things done, like zipping their fly, making sure they have their lunch, and properly wiping their asses, and still having to discuss things like the war in Iraq and energy policies while steroids jumps to the front of the fuckin list. Baseball is a joke, with the exception of Dodger dogs, beer, peanuts, and Zombie Nation every time Nomar dings one.

Joey said...

That Manny Ramirez shot is frickin hilarious. We should have bought that grill for the new house.

mel kiper fan said...


(1) Barry Bonds is an asshole. He's already hated by us here at USC Sports Talk because he is a Giant and all of us are Dodgers fans.

(2) I don't care too much for McGwire either, regardless of his ties to USC. Ever since the strike in 1994, the only baseball I've followed is Vin Scully and the Dodgers. Barry Zito is an 'SC guy but he played for the shitty A's and now the Giants. We're talking about pro baseball here, not college.

Anonymous said...

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