Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Official UCLA Football Memorial T-Shirts

I know its only May, but its never to early to start mourning/preparing for the inevitable.


Joey said...

We need those shirts in cardinal too!! I really beleive that Carroll will unleash hell like never before. Lucky for us, it doesn't matter whether we are undefeated (which we will be), or winless. UCLgay can run, but they can't hide from Lord Carroll's wrath on Dec 1st.

RG3 said...

It might get nasty that day. The bi-annual ass whooping at the Coliseum keeps getting more lopsided since we've been here. I wonder how long the bruins can keep coming back to the Coliseum before they get tired of getting their shit ruined.

mel kiper fan said...

We're gonna need some keep Karl Dorrell shirts too, anything that will prevent him from getting axed. He'll probably get fired though, after PC runs up the score on those guys.