Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Pinkard arrested in suspected DUI case

If you haven't heard the news Josh Pinkard was pulled over and arrested on May 18th for driving under the influence. The California Highway Patrol stated that they pulled Pinkard over when they witnessed his vehicle swerving on the freeway. There is no mention of whether or not Pinkard's blood alcohol content exceeded the legal limit or whether it was measured at all. Nonetheless, Pinkard is due to appear in court on July 24th.

Pete Carroll acknowledged Pinkard's arrest on Tuesday. His status with the team is uncertain as the coaching staff will wait for more details on the case.

We should all be thankful that Pinkard wasn't involved in an accident and that no one was injured.

How does Pinkard's arrest effect the season?

Well, if Pinkard is found guilty and suspended from the team we will lose "the best player on the team," according to Pete Carroll, for the second year in a row. Pinkard spent all last season recovering from a knee injury he suffered in the game opener. This would end the highly anticipated safety competition that was scheduled to take place this fall between Pinkard, Kevin Ellison, and Taylor Mays. This will create opportunities for Mozique McCurtis and Will Harris to earn playing time.


Joey said...

Thank God for Pete Carroll. This type of situation would tear most teams apart, but we got 5-star back-ups. It sounds shitty, but this doesn't take away from USC having the greatest defense to ever play the game in 2007-2008. We'll wait for more details, but other than that, FIGHT ON!

mel kiper fan said...

What a disappointment. USC fans, coaches, and players should expect more from one of the team leaders, especially one that has been called the "best player on the team" by Carroll. This can very well mark the end of Pinkard's career at USC.

If you recall, Hershel Dennis wasn't convicted, but he hasn't really seen the field since his incident involving sexual assault. He watched as two rising young stars (Bush and White) became USC legends. He has suffered through injuries as well, and now has to apply for a sixth year of eligibility from the NCAA.

Eric Wright suffered a similar fate. Even though he was never convicted either, he transferred to UNLV following his indefinite suspension. He was once a potential top 10 pick, and ended being a 2nd Rd pick this past April. It just to show how one lapse in judgment can have severe ramifications.

13-9whathappened said...

First Pinkard now Maiava.... When does character start to count at FigTech?

BuckeyeInSoCal wrote: Not like it will be front page on the LA Times or likely even mentioned but......

"An arrest warrant has been issued for USC Linebacker Kulaka Maiava. Maiava, according to several witnesses, trespassed onto the campus of Baldwin High School in Wailuku Tuesday and began a heated discussion with a 17 year old female student. Maiava, according to witnesses then assaulted the student causing a blackened eye, broken nose and forcing her to be hospitalized over night with a concussion. Maiava then assaulted the student's boyfriend who tried to intervene. Both students are scheduled to graduate later this week." I can say from official sources that this is 100% true. Interesting and sad that a 225 lb linebacker would strike a 98 pound female, but I guess that's the way the world is today. Happens at all the schools these days...Penn State, UM...I think even OSU had somebody kicked off the team for this about two years ago. I guess that is what happens when these kids have their eggo's inflated by sites like these that praise them as the second comming when they sign a LOI.

I also know that the family contacted The University of Southern California and spoke with someone named Dennis Slutak who apologized for the incident and during the course of the phone converstation asked the family to keep the story quiet which, shall we say, sent thim into a rage. Too bad this didn't happen in LA so Maiava could call Xavier Atta and have the assault charges swept under the rug. Since they know I frequent message boards, they asked me to spread the story....for what it's worth.

PCbestever said...

Carroll should kick Maiava off the team immediately. You're such a trustworthy source. There's absolutely no reason why you would spread rumors and slander about a USC athlete unless it was 100% true . The name '13-9whathappened' just exudes confidence in your information.

I'm confused though. There are major publications like the Daily News printing articles that are extremely different from what you are spreading around on fan blogs, in the comment sections. I'm at a loss, believe our good friend 13-9whathappened and his conspiracy theory or call him out for the anal douche that he is.... I'll go with the later

RG3 said...

In response to Mr. "13-9"...

L'Eggo my Eggo.

Joey said...

Get the facts straight before you start making judgment. Unlike Bruinsnation, we welcome thugs like yourself to our site for a debate for one reason. Because, like USC, we tend to win those debates. So welcome to our site and no comment of yours will go unresponded.

Oh yeah, Tell BuckeyeinSoCal that GatorinFlorida just scored again, cunt.