Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Art of Dogfighting

While Americans are caught up in new trends, such as DLP TV's, hybrid vehicles, and reality TV, there is a sport that many don't know about- Dog Fighting. Occurring historically across many cultures in many countries, this sport has been around for quite some time. And yes, dogs are more than just petting objects or intimidators. This entertaining bloodsport pits 2 tough (usually bred) dogs against each other in a survival match. Here are some facts and useful info on this emerging activity:

Technical Training: Like any athlete should know, victory doesn't find its way to your doorstep. You gotta earn it.

Treadmill- Pretty self explanatory. Dogs are placed on treadmills to build cardiovascular endurance and stamina.
Springpole- A large pole with a spring is attached to a tire or object so the animals can jump and dangle for periods of time. This helps to train jaw muscles and back leg strength.
Chain Training- Heavy chains are worn around the necks to build neck strength. Pretty simple technique. Dogs sometimes "jog" with weight on.
Bait Training- Animals or bait, are tied up while the dogs are allowed to rip them to shreds. This live mauling allows the dogs to build aggression and train for live attacks. Pretty amazing technique I might add. It also tends to build jaw strength and build confidence. In basketball, we all know getting to the free throw line can help shake a bad slump and build some confidence. Same technique applied here.
Drugs/ Supplements- Like humans, these dogs train properly with necessary vitamins and supplements taken orally or intravenously. A dog needs every edge he can get.

Game Training: They are now ready for the next step- scrimmaging.

Once these techniques are applied, dogs are further trained by owners pitting them against experienced dogs, where they are trained to lunge at other dogs through controlled brawling, or fights where dogs will not be seriously injured. This training is very similar to sparring, as boxers train. Once dogs are properly trained, they are unleashed against "veteran" dogs where their "GAMENESS" is observed. This "gameness" is a measure of aggression and strength when facing possible injury or defeat. This measure is critical in all sports and is often called in other sports, "having heart" or being "clutch", respectively. When these tests are confirmed, the dog is now a "gamer" and ready for matches.

The Substance: What the real story is all about.

In the United States, dog fighting is a felony in 48 states (misdemeanor in Idaho and Wyoming)and illegal across all of North America. However, dog fighting is practiced in Russia, Afghanistan, and Japan with consistency. Much attention has been brought to this sport as of late by quarterback Michael Vick, who has been called a "heavyweight" in this sport. Many people, especially animal rights activists, see this sport as cruel and in poor taste. I don't care to comment on the moral perspective of this subject, except to say that its pretty exciting and something important has been lost in all of this- the dog's rights as an athlete. Seriously. These dogs are trained gamers, putting in as much time in the weight room as superstar athletes in various sports. Where is the union, or the collective bargaining agreement? These dogs need representation, in the form of agents and entourages. Fuck horse racing- dogs are very under appreciated and need some respect because their game is tough and not everyone can make it to the top. Jockeys, or 4 foot French scumbags, get face time on NBC when their horse wins, but dog owners don't get credit when their dog wins a tough match. Instead, the owners get prosecuted. What the fuck is that about? Dog fighting is brutal and unhealthy? I can't think of a sport more unhealthy than NASCAR and they show that shit every weekend on national TV. Same thing with golf. Brutal is boxing's middle name and also UFC's calling card, but America is fascinated by both. One day, these dogs will get the respect they deserve, maybe even guaranteed contracts, but until then, all we have are the fight clubs.
[Source: The Internet and Wikipedia]


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